Bobbi's Jeweller is a company creating beautiful rings with a soft sophistication and is committed to ethically sourced metals and gemstones with a focus on handcrafted symbols of LOVE!

Erynn’s desire to create jewellery symbolizing love was the drive behind creating Bobbi's Jeweller. We absolutely love the idea of creating that special wedding band that says “I love you” for the rest of your life! Being part of such a beautiful commitment is the reason we love making jewellery, whether it be for a wedding, a promise, a gift for a loved one or even yourself. Everything is handcrafted all wedding bands are made to order in small batches to fit your finger perfectly. Erynn has over 8 years experience as a goldsmith. She is a Graduated Jeweller from CJA (Canadian Jewellers Association) and holds a Colour stone essential diploma from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

We are so grateful to create such lovely adornments for people to wear using ethical, eco friendly, sustainable rings with recycled metals.  We are extremely passionate about ethical standards in the jewellery industry.  This is reflected in our business as we strive to offer the most ethical jewellery possible. Sourcing our precious metals from a refinery that shares a similar vision so much so that they are 100% recycled and have been certified to show their continued efforts to maintain an ethical practice. We practice full disclosure when working with gemstones and share as much as we can regarding treatments and origin in the description of our gemstone jewellery as we ethically sourced genuine gemstones. Bobbi’s Jeweller also plants one tree for each sale and two trees are planted for each wedding band set. How romantic! The trees are planted in Ghana Africa where gold mining has affected deforestation.

Although I really love the satisfaction of a finished ring. I must say that the favourite part of my workday is talking to clients. I love the connections that I create through our conversations and always feel like I am making a new friend. I realize that my customers are the reason why I can do what I love, and I always want to connect and serve.

When it comes to weddings, I love the energy weddings create.  Weddings are one of the most traditional events in one’s life surrounded by the people you love in celebration of your love! So magical. I always want to be part of the magic love brings to the world. That’s why creating wedding bands are such an honour to me. To be part of such a powerful a symbol of love that holds so much tradition its a beautiful thing.