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Collingwood Olive Oil Co. is truly a candy store for grownups, featuring fresh harvest olive oil from around the globe, fruit based balsamic, and a pantry loaded with unique specialty foods. In the tasting bar you can expect to sample the highest quality extra virgin olive oils harvested from the most current crops around the globe. They utilize the alternating harvest seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres to access the most recent olive crushes, allowing them to offer the freshest juice available - not just once but twice per year! Product from Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, California, Chile, Peru, and Australia is available in the shop on a rotational basis. Never pre-bottled, and protected from heat, light, and moisture, each of the premium extra virgin olive oils come with detailed sensory, chemical, and nutritional information as well as a crush date.


Both the fused and infused oils come in a variety of flavours and contain natural ingredients only. You are also invited to savour intense white and dark balsamic vinegars aged up to 18 years from Modena, Italy. The balsamics are made in the traditional fashion, starting with grape "must" and work their way through a series of wooden barrels. Taste the traditional condimento and explore other flavours such as raspberry, cranberry-pear, and coconut. Collingwood Olive Oil Co.’s balsamic, unlike any other on the market, contains absolutely no caramel colouring and therefore no gluten! Their product is free of artificial colour and flavour, has no added sugar and is gluten free; all natural.


All olive oils and balsamic vinegars are offered in a variety of sizes and package choices and make the perfect gift for wedding favours, showers, thank you gifts and more! The team at Collingwood Olive Oil Co. is happy to work with couples on product choices that will wow guests from the inside out including customized labelling, and colours to match your event theme.


They’ve built their reputation in Collingwood for over 8 years and hold the title of Favorite Specialty Food Store in South Georgian Bay!  Visit their location and have their knowledgeable staff guide you through suggested pairings or discover some of your own. Try everything before you buy. With over 60 flavour varieties and hundreds of pairing possibilities, the choices are endless! All your selections are poured and bottled fresh in the shop for you to take home and enjoy or order directly online.

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