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Your engagement ring requires more consideration than anything you will ever wear. No other piece of clothing or jewellery will stay with you as long or carry as much meaning as this tiny symbol of commitment. It means you must weigh the importance of current trends with timelessness beauty. It means loving a particular design and living with it as styles come and go.


When a bride visits a DC Taylor Jewellers, the focus is on helping her make the right decision. After all, the ring is the first thing people will want to see after you announce your engagement.


Above all, it’s important to choose a ring that suits your personality. Where couples can run into trouble is trying to fit into an existing ring – perhaps a family heirloom. Although DC Taylor loves to honour heritage, the likelihood that the ring will be a perfect match is low. In situations where a ring has been passed down, DC Taylor often recommends resetting the centre-stone. This allows the history of the original diamond to remain, while respecting the personality of the bride, who deserves an engagement ring that is truly her own.


Like marriage, your engagement ring is a lifelong commitment. It’s important to choose a jeweller that’s in it for the long-haul as well, so find out what services are included. Regular inspections and cleaning keep your ring looking beautiful and be sure to ask about warranty and insurance requirements. Making good choices now will give you confidence in your decision for years to come.


DC Taylor Jewellers has been a family-run store since day one, a tradition carried on by the four sons of David Creighton Taylor. The family is proud to have the fifth generation now working in the stores. Their small-town roots have developed to intercity expansion as the Taylor brothers continue to grow the business from Owen Sound into Collingwood and Barrie. DC Taylor takes a personal interest in every customer, and you are likely to find a member of the family always on the premises.


Well-known for creating custom jewellery, DC Taylor handles the entire process in-house. For example, a bride looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring can meet directly with a designer, collaborate on the details, and end up with a ring just right and 100% unique. It’s those personal touches that make DC Taylor worthy of a special trip.

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