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July 7, 2018



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Nick and I met in class at the University of Manitoba. It didn’t happen right away though. We were in the same class for six months before we first spoke. We had been assigned the same project, and bonded while we were working together. Nick built up the courage to ask me out for a friendly beer. Love blossomed from there, and we have been inseparable ever since. Eventually, we moved in together, got a cat (Myers), and have yet to leave each other’s side. 


Nick and I took a trip to his homeland of New Zealand to spend time with Nick’s family and friends. While we were there, we went for a hike along the Kepler Track. We reached a beautiful spot that Nick had apparently already scoped out. He had packed a picnic that we enjoyed together, and then he popped the question using his grandmother’s ring.  


When it came to our choice of venue, I have always known I wanted to get married in my parent’s backyard, and Nick had fallen in love with the spot as well. My parents had different ideas though and suggested The Georgian Bay Club for the dinner and reception. Once we saw it, we were sold which fit perfectly with hosting our ceremony in the backyard. 


We wanted our wedding to have a lot of personal touches as well as a casual feel. This meant Nick got to wear shorts and “jandals” (a.k.a. flip flops), and Nick’s niece, Bella, was able to wear a beautiful princess gown from Disneyland, as the flower girl. Some personal touches included writing our own vows, having a friend as our officiant, table numbers with places we have travelled to as a couple, and more. 


We planned everything for the wedding together, but Nick was mostly responsible for calming me down when things got stressful. 


The day before we got married, we were both excited. All our friends and family were already in town, and the vibes were electric! The day of the wedding, I was a little nervous to say my vows, but mostly excited and eager to marry my soul mate. Nick said he was surprisingly calm. The day after the wedding, we were exhausted! But we were still able to enjoy the mimosa bar at the poprawiny. 


The only stress of the day came from a few slight hiccups at our reception. Our photographers were great though, and very good at adapting and calming us down. 


As far as the ceremony goes, everything was perfect. The weather, the flowers; the scene was perfectly set. Hearing and saying our vows to one another, in front of our closest family and friends, was dream worthy. 

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