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Erin Guenter is a makeup artist and skin specialist with 20 years experience offering bridal makeup services to create a face that doesn't look made up at all. "Makeup should be used to enhance, not cover or change," says Erin.


What makes Erin’s services unique is her experience.  As a veteran artist she has worked in every sector of the beauty industry such as film, print editorial, cosmetic retail, commercial, fashion and tv having been a makeup artist for Rogers Sportsnet for 6 years.  She’s worked in special effects, tattoo coverage, holistic skin care and cosmetics, staying up to date on trends and techniques along with encompassing a vast knowledge of color theory. 


“My favorite part of my work day is having the opportunity to meet different people and getting to know and understand their beauty needs along with sharing my passion of the industry by passing on tips and techniques.


The bridal side to the business developed organically as satisfied clients passed on their love of my work to their friends and family. I feel honored to now specialize in part of the industry that clearly illustrates my passion for people and with each radiant client I am reminded of the continuous reward of my commitment to my bridal artistry.


As a makeup artist I play such an integral role in someone's wedding day that is both intimate and exhilarating! Not only am I painting a face but I am also providing a sense of calm and neutrality to someone who is about to embark on one of their most memorable days which can bring with it an array of emotions. In addition to being hired for my makeup talents I feel it is also honorable to be chosen to share in such a momentous occasion. It is humbling to experience such a raw, human experience which goes beyond making someone look and feel their best.”