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Euclid Design Co.

  • Euclid Design Co | Georgian Bay Wedding | Collingwood BlueMountain Muskoka Wedding Florals
  • Euclid Design Co | Georgian Bay Wedding | Collingwood BlueMountain Muskoka Wedding Florals


Rachel Kwan is the lead designer and founder of Euclid Design Co, a creative studio providing full-service event flowers and copper backdrop structures. She founded Euclid Design Co out of a need to problem-solve for her own wedding, and that's where her passion for both flowers and making copper art was born. Rachel currently works out of her studio near the Beaver Valley in Kimberley, ON, delivering flowers to clients from Collingwood to Southampton, and Shelburne to Tobermory.

Believing that nature’s design is the perfect inspiration, Rachel’s work reflects the way that plants and flowers grow towards the light, each petal and leaf finding its own place on a stem or bush. Her design approach gathers together clean, geometric elements with softer organic materials, striking a balance between symmetry and a sense of wildness and movement.

Rachel strives to blend your wedding flowers with the natural beauty of the venue and place where you’ve chosen to celebrate your love. A big believer in sustainability and shopping locally, she sources flowers from growers in the Georgian Bay region whenever possible. She also avoids single-use plastics as much as she can to help reduce your event’s environmental impact.

In order to put your special stamp on your wedding day, Rachel collaborates with you on a floral vision that is personalized, authentic, and on-budget. She places a high value on transparent communication and building a sense of partnership with you: working with her should feel like working with one of your most trusted friends, and you’ll definitely share a few great laughs along the way.

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