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It’s the moments that matter. Frances Morency tells the story of your wedding in a journalistic style. She believes a wedding should be about capturing the moments that are happening while they happen, and strives to create emotional, compelling images, with minimal guiding or posing — a true reflection of the relationships you have with your partner, family, and friends.


All photographers will get a “shot list” of required photos, but the photographer who can anticipate and capture the in between moments and is the professional you want. You need someone who is experienced in capturing the day as it's happening without interrupting you to pose or smile. You need a photographer you can trust to capture it all as the day unfolds in an unobtrusive style. Photographs are more than just pictures taken, they are documented memories of tears, love, and unscripted joy.


For Frances, being a part of the wedding day isn’t just making sure the bride or the groom is perfectly posed. It's about the moments you have with all the people around you that you love. It's the look on father of the bride’s face when he sees her for the first time. It's about the tears when the maid of honour says her speech, and every time you see the image you remember her kind words. It's about your mom helping you into your gown and the incredible time your friends are having at the reception. Frances wants to photograph the moments in between. The moment when the groom tucks the bride’s hair behind her ear, or the bridesmaids perfecting bride’s dress for photos when it’s needed and not staged. She wants to photograph the couple walking together in front of their venue and not pose them for stiff portraits.


Afterall, it’s the moments that matter.

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