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Frances is a wedding, elopement, and engagement photographer who lives in a small town nestled in the wooded hills south of Georgian Bay. A love for old cameras, genuine film, and natural light spurred her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography–a sensitive eye for personal storytelling and an open heart have led her to photograph nearly three hundred weddings all around the world.


Frances believes in capturing moments as they naturally unfold to reveal the truth and beauty of her clients. Her work radiates intimate connection, delicate feeling, and honest documentation captured timelessly. Frances’ easy-going nature makes it easy for couples to relax and be their truest selves in her presence–throughout the day, she’s as much a trusted friend as she is your hired photographer.


For Frances, it’s all about human connection. The realness. The quirks and idiosyncrasies and small details that make your relationship beautiful and unique. She always strives to create an authentic daylong experience, never an uncomfortable on-trend photoshoot. She knows that her privilege is helping you create photographs that will resonate for generations to enjoy forever.


Let Frances tell your love story. Together, you will create images to make you hold your breath, laugh, smile, and bring tears back to your eyes as you relive the day's intense and amazing emotions. She’s there to help preserve the feeling, to focus on capturing it all, so you focus on what truly matters… enjoying one of the best and most beautiful days of your life.

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