Hey there! I’m Frances - A wedding and elopement photographer based in Grey Highlands near south Georgian Bay. I am a natural light photographer with a fine art film background and a big wild heart. I believe in capturing moments as they naturally unfold to reveal the truth and beauty of my clients. I firmly and passionately believe that photography should be about connection, feeling and creating a window into your lives for future generations to peer through. It's not a production, it's an experience. The truth is that every couple is different, and I want to find a way to showcase the unique relationship between you by really getting to know you, understanding what’s most important to you, and treating you like a friend rather than a client.

I am drawn to the intricacies of relationships. The realness. The quirks and colour that make your relationship unique and special to you and those who love you. I want to capture you as you are, rather than what Pinterest thinks you should be. I want this to be about your experience, and not a photoshoot. I want you to be able to enjoy your day, and trust that I have your back to capture the day as it happens and all that’s most important to you, and to give you a hug if you need one. I want to laugh with you, and cry with you, and dance my butt off on your killer dance floor with you.

More than anything, I want you to feel something when you see my images. I want to take you to the moment when that image was taken, and to preserve that memory and the emotions you were feeling forever.

Let me be your eyes on your wedding day; you focus on enjoying the moment, and I’ll focus on capturing it all for you.