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Fruit Obsession is a business that celebrates the special moments in life. They are a family operated business that you can rely on to excite, impress, and dazzle your friends, family, and colleagues. Located in the heart of where they grew up and where their families live today - on the gorgeous shores of Georgian Bay and across the beautiful fields of Clearview Township, and the rolling hills of The Blue Mountains.


Fruit Obsession’s focus is to create a product that is unique to this area - a place where you can visit in person, or online, to get a special gift that you simply can't find anywhere else. This is a place where friends, family and colleagues can support a local business and arrange a gift, to be hand-delivered to someone’s doorstep with ease and with confidence.


“We've all sent flowers. We've all received a gift basket. But in all honesty, we wanted to bring a new, vibrant, and delicious gift-giving option in the area. We wanted to grow a unique business where locals could support locals. Where good jobs could be provided to incredibly talented, artistic, and caring staff members. We wanted a shopping experience, whether it be online, in-store or in-person that was flawless, simple, and anchored in incredible customer service. It is our sincere hope that Fruit Obsession is all those things and more!”


They love creating new designs for bouquets, platters, and gourmet boxes. Each new holiday or time of year opens a world of possibilities for their incredibly talented team at Fruit Obsession. The Wedding Collection is an example of where this creativity begins and how they customize delicious treats for any couple and any occasion.


For most couples and their families, their wedding day is the most important and special day in their relationship. It is a joining of lives, a renewing of commitment and the beginning of a special new chapter in their lives together. Incredibly, each wedding is unique, different, and special in its own ways. The location, the theme, the colours, the guests, the decorations, the meal choice, the entertainment choice - there are so many options and yet each couple and family arrive at THEIR special day! For Fruit Obsession, they are driven by the idea of bringing new options to the table to further ensure each wedding day is special and exactly what the newlyweds are looking for!


“Our products are completely customizable, and we're excited to work with you to make your wedding gift ideas come to life. We have volume discounts available as well as tasting and design appointments available. We only charge you once you decide to move forward with us for your special day or wedding related event. The pre-planning visits are our cost of business to ensure you are completely satisfied.”

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