It’s Time to Connect

Everything from an engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorette, the day of the wedding, the dance floor and post wedding brunch; getting married is a social time and a time to be connected with the ones you love the most. Socials, events and activities is where Girl Time Inc. celebrates women coming together as a Kula and where we all truly sparkle.

A Bride and her bridesmaids – are a Kula! They belong to a fabulous group of goddess who come together in time of celebration. To Girl Time Inc., a Kula is the emphasis on girl time and the experience of connection. Bridesmaids are the base of Kula for they inspire, motivate and support the Bride throughout the wedding process, socials and events.

Girl Time Inc. is a social club, for women who are investing in their own time and are wanting to connect with other like-minded women who can fill up their cups with love, support, and pure fabulous fun.

Girl Time Inc. is for women who are looking for a place to belong; for a place to meet and develop new friendships, to collaborate, live a healthy & active lifestyle, grow individually through inspirational meetings, net giving opportunities, and for women who are wanting to participate in socials and activities that fit their interests. It is true honouring of women supporting women.

It's time to connect & celebrate girl time! Whether you are looking for activities to participate in during a Girl’s Weekend Away, a Bachelorette or to engage in socials, activities and events post wedding bliss with your Kula, Girl Time Inc. is the community, connections and collaborations to invest in.

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