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August 24, 2019 



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We met at a mutual friend’s cottage on Canada day Long Weekend. We had both been attending this Canada Day party at the same cottage for years but had never been there on the same days! Our friend thought we would hit it off, so in 2016 she ensured we were both there at the same time. A blind date of sorts, neither of us knew we were being set up. To this day we give her credit to setting up this amazing relationship! 

It was in the fall of 2018 Anthony planned us a trip with some friends to Collingwood. The plan was to go to a wine event, but on the day before, he said his sister forgot to buy the tickets. The plan changed to going on a hike instead. I love hiking so I was all for this idea! The Saturday came around and it was rainy and cold, I was not feeling the hike. I had put up a fuss, not wanting to go. Little did I know Anthony had this hike planned all along and the ‘other plan’ was a ruse all along! We had done this hike in Collingwood every Thanksgiving together and had one lookout spot we both really loved. As we were hiking, I had hurried him along, not knowing his goal was to go to our spot, we ended up missing the turn for the lookout where Anthony had hoped to pop the question.  He had to re-think his plan on the fly. He tried first by asking if I wanted to turn around because I was cold, but stubborn me, I said we had gone this far we were going to finish the hike. Anthony knew of a spot up ahead, a ravine with beautiful mossy rocks and tall cliff faces. We scaled down the ravine, then he walked on top of a rock face and asked me to join him. Of course, I refused as it looked too steep. But he persisted and eventually got me to join him. Once we were up there, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! All my fussing and he still asked me to marry him, he was a keeper!  I love our little story, all the twists and turns just make it that much better! 


When choosing our venue, we wanted a place that was personal to us, somewhere we felt at home. Anthony's sister offered her farm in Collingwood to host the festivities. We’re very thankful for her for helping with every aspect of preparing the property for a wedding. 


We both tackled the planning together. Anthony loved being part of every aspect of planning. We wanted a fun wedding, to enjoy ourselves and to make sure our guests felt welcome.  Food, drinks and music was where we wanted to put a lot of our attention. We chose a great caterer and had friends come to tend the bar. We had Anthony's brother to perform the ceremony and had my brother and his wife to sing our first dance song. We knew we wanted to include family in the ceremony & wedding as much as possible.   

The day before the wedding was all hands-on deck. Having a wedding on a private family farm meant we had to have everything brought in. We had been building and preparing for the wedding for months, including building our own bar, podium, back drop for the head table. We were excited to see it all come together.   .

The day flew by, trying to take in as much of it as possible. We always made sure to touch base with each other throughout the reception and really enjoyed celebrating with all our friends & family. We had an amazing day of coordinator who took on any stresses or issues that may have come up during the day. She kept us on schedule and ensured we were savouring every moment.  


Our favourite part of the day was without a doubt the ceremony. The ceremony was surreal, it was nothing like I had imagined. I was quite nervous to stand in front of everyone, but once we were there together it was the most comfortable and easiest thing I've ever done. The ceremony was causal enough for us to share laughs but also filled with so much love we were just bursting with happiness. 

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