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HKG Photography

  • HKGPhotography Georgian Bay Wedding Photographer
  • HKGPhotography Georgian Bay Wedding Photographer

Heather is an Ontario Wedding and Elopement Photographer based in Grey County. She is all about capturing the real, raw, and unfiltered moments of your special day. As your photographer, Heather will be more than just a vendor – she’s there to be your friend, confidant, and personal cheerleader. Heather is all about breaking tradition and helping you filter out those outside voices so you can plan a day that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Heather’s philosophy is simple: love is love, and there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your wedding. She’s here to support you in whatever capacity you may need, whether you're planning a big bash or an intimate elopement.

Heather was encouraged to start her business by her husband. He’s her biggest cheerleader and her best friend. He’s always willing to wear all of the hats at home, including his super-dad hat, so that Heather can put her whole heart into her clients and her business. It really is a team effort, with two young boys at home, Heather would not be able to do it without him.


Heather is a big fan of adventures, wine, loud music, hugs, campfires, and good company. She’s been told that her energy puts her clients at ease and makes them feel completely at home in front of her lens. She prides herself on really getting to know her clients and tells us that the biggest compliment she can receive from a client is to have them feel as if they have known each other for years. Heather believes that above all else, the most important thing to consider when selecting a photographer for your wedding day should be based on how well you get along. If you don’t feel comfortable with your photographer, it will show in the photos.


“I've always been a lover of love, a hopeless romantic - if you will. Every time I shoot a wedding, I think to myself - this is exactly where I belong. I honestly can't think of a more rewarding or fulfilling job. It's extremely difficult to choose what I love most about weddings, but if I had to choose, I think I would have to say the speeches. I love hearing all the beautiful things my client's friends and family have to say about them. It allows me to get to know them on a personal level and really tugs at my heartstrings. I always joke with my potential clients that if they are looking to hire someone who will cry at their wedding, then I'm their girl!”


Just call Heather from HKG Photography your resident dress floofer, tissue dispenser, family wrangler, hype girl, water girl, therapist, and most importantly, your friend. She will be so much more than just your vendor, she’ll be your number-one supporter.

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