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HKG Photography

  • HKGPhotography Georgian Bay Wedding Photographer
  • HKGPhotography Georgian Bay Wedding Photographer

HKG Photography is a local Wedding and Elopement photographer capturing the free spirited and wildly in love!  Heather’s number one goal is always to have fun while capturing true emotion and candid moments between her clients and their loved ones. Heather is a storyteller who is  passionate about making her couples' story come to life in an honest way while simultaneously making them feel completely at home in front of the camera.


Heather was encouraged to start her business by her husband. Even when times were rough and the odds were against her, he never wavered in his support. Without his ongoing love and encouragement, she wouldn’t be where she is today.


Heather is big on energy and can sense an energy shift before most people even realize something is up. This allows her to be very attuned to her client's needs, especially on their wedding day. She likes to surround herself with kind, goodhearted people and she makes no exceptions when it comes to her clients. Heather does not take on weddings with clients that she does not feel aligned with and encourages potential clients to do the same. The relationships formed with her couples are so special and she certainly doesn’t take that for granted. She’s passionate about connecting with her couples and getting to know them on a personal level.

Heather’s motto is quality over quantity. She really focuses on that client experience and truly feels that her clients become friends in the end.


“I've always been a lover of love, a hopeless romantic - if you will. Every time I shoot a wedding, I think to myself - this is exactly where I belong. I honestly can't think of a more rewarding or fulfilling job. It's extremely difficult to choose what I love most about weddings, but if I had to choose, I think I would have to say the speeches. I love hearing all the beautiful things my client's friends and family have to say about them. It allows me to get to know them on a personal level and really tugs at my heart strings. I always joke with my potential clients that if they are looking to hire someone who will cry at their wedding, then I'm their girl!”


Heather of HKG Photography is so much more than a photographer. Consider her your resident tissue supplier, dress floofer, water girl, therapist, family wrangler, cell phone holder, hype girl, and friend. She is not only there to hold your hand through the entire wedding planning process, but on the day of your wedding as well.

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