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Amanda & Andrew



Date:  October 8, 2016


Venue & Caterer:

The Falls Inn & Spa, Walters Falls

Planner: Meg Hallman

Photogropher: Lia Denbok

Videographer: Josiah Scott

Florist: Wildernis Florals

Music: Dj Slammin Sam

Cake: Nathalie McGill

Officiant: Pastor Dan Chatham

How we met is rather funny; believe it or not, Andrew accidently added me to Facebook.  After months of chatting we met in person and have been together since.


Our dating life was a long distance relationship for a while. He’s from Collingwood and I’m from Kitchener. There were a lot of late night hangouts, drinking coffee and talking until sunrise at our halfway point in Arthur Ont.  We went through our challenges. I was in a serious car accident a couple of years ago, and Andrew was there by my side through the entire ordeal.  In the end, it made our relationship stronger and assured us even more that we couldn’t be without each other.  We’ve enjoyed snowmobiling, ziplining, concerts and road trips, listening to our favorite music and attending church, as our faith is something VERY important to us.


Andrew proposed on my birthday May 12, 2015 at the spot where we first met in person.  When it came to deciding on a venue, we looked at The Falls Inn and realized it perfectly suited our personalities. It was a beautiful location, very elegant like me ( Andrew’s words) and outdoorsy like Him ( my words).


Some of the most important factors we wanted to showcase in your event included making God apart of our ceremony; this was important to us.  Also, wanting to include our relatives who had passed away, by placing a lit candle for each of those relatives down the aisle.


I have the most amazing husband ever. He worked night and day picking up as many shifts as he could to make sure I had the wedding of my dreams!!  When it came to divvying out the planning duties, there wasn’t any set sheet with who was doing what. We all worked together ( tried to at least, ill be honest, it wasn’t easy lol ) I was blessed to have a mother who is super creative and decorative. She did most of the décor. My mother in law also came up with creative stuff when it came to our place cards, guest book and seating chart.  The seating chart was amazing!!!


In the days before the wedding, Andrew contracted Salmonella food poising, super sick. You can never tell in the photos though, he got through it!  Aside from the sickness Andrew was like any groom the day before his wedding, very excited and anxious. He was determined and no food poisoning was going to stop him from marrying me.  I was feeling anxious and giddy. We were engaged for a long time and I just couldn’t believe it was finally here!!  The day of our wedding was a whirlwind of emotions. It was beautiful and joyous. We were finally married!  The day afterwards, we spent our first day as husband and wife in the ER.   Like we said, Andrew was very ill.  It’s true what they say “through sickness and through health” we were tested day 1!  But, after he was given the right anti biotics and a couple of days of down time, he started to feel much better and we could enjoy the rest of our honeymoon in Quebec.


Andrews stress of the day was trying to remain upright the entire time.  Which he did!! YAY!! Mine would have to be the carriage ride. Although beautiful and romantic, there was some miscommunication and we lost 45 minutes of picture time. Not everything will go as planned the day of your wedding. But it’s how you deal with it. In the end, it’s really about the person you are spending the rest of your life with. Pictures are great, but marriage is forever.