Charanya & Krishna


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Date: August 1 & 2, 2015


Ceremony Celebration: Blue Mountain


Reception Celebration: O&B Blue Mountain


Floral: Art in Bloem


Photographer: K Push Studios


Music: S4 Entertainment


Cake: Bake Sale, Toronto


Officiant: Pandit Lokenath Prashad & 

Sri Chandrasekara Gurukkal




We met through common friends on a blind date.  With what started off as a fun night out to the movies, turned into fun relationship.  We were still in high school and our expectation was simply to have fun with one another with mutual respect.


It was a romantic rainy afternoon when Krishna proposed.  He asked me to get dressed up on my birthday weekend to have lunch at his house. While I figured it might be a surprise birthday party, I walked into his backyard to find a live band, and Krishna waiting for me to arrive. He got down on his knee and said “here – take it, you don’t have a choice”. Choice or not, I wanted it more then he knew!


After looking into over 40+ venues from St. Marteen to downtown Toronto, we were totally lost and nothing seemed right. We both needed a break from our venue search.  He took me out on a surprise date to Blue Mountain for the very first time. From that moment we both knew we had our location.

The most important elements we wanted to focus on for our wedding was the Ceremony, dinner and the after party!  We wanted a fun filled romantic ceremony, where guests could enjoy and be a part of our ceremony.  The dinner was key, and glad Oliver & Bonacini Blue Mountain was there to take care of us (the one part we never stressed about!). The Party – It’s all about the fun, drink, dance, enjoy and we did indeed!


When deciphering the planning duties, figuring out the groom’s responsibility was easy – he had the most IMPORTANT job! To keep me calm though the planning process and support all of my decisions.

The biggest stress of all is was trying to be on time; from hair & make up to the pre shoot, it was non stop street until the moment of.


Our favorite part of the day was writing our Vows together on the day of – which made it more romantic than ever. We were ourselves, just having fun together!