Jenna & Drew


Date: June 21, 2014


Venue: Westin Trillium House


Floral:PaperWhite Flowers


Photographer:Photojenic Photography


Caterer: Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill


Music: Sonny Boy Mick (band)


Cake:Thornbury Bakery


Hair: Altered Ego (Kingston)


Officiant: Georgian Triangle Weddings

How we met is kind of a funny story! We actually got set up on a blind date through our parents, believe it or not. Drew had just come back to Kingston from Australia and I was living in New York City at the time. I was home for a week in the summer visiting my family and they convinced me to do a Nine & Dine golf night with them. Drew’s parents did the same. We both showed up that Friday evening and next thing we knew we were all (both sets of parents included) on a golf team for the tournament. Oh, and our parents were also neighbors, so I guess Drew married the girl next door (although we had never met before that night).

We dated long distance for six months or so. Drew was doing his residency in Kingston and I was living in New York City. We spent weekends together when we could and then in February, I decided to move to Toronto (a little closer) and Drew came to NYC to pack me up and move me home. We then dated semi-long distance spending weekends in Toronto, Kingston and I was traveling all over the place for work still. A year in Toronto was more than enough for me, so we decided to move into a condo downtown Kingston together. It was great! We quickly became best friends, enjoyed socializing, traveling on this continent to many weddings and then also to Australia and other places. We just worked so well together. After two years, we got engaged on Christmas Eve and it was a total surprise!

We were at our condo on Christmas Eve getting ready to go to my parent’s annual party that Drew’s parents attend as well. Little did I know, but he had asked my dad secretly months earlier and had asked his dad to get some champagne and have it ready for that night (which was hidden in a cooler in my parent’s backyard). Drew had been leaving hints all month that he was going to get me a leather jacket for Christmas (pics on the ipad, quiet mentions of it, etc). He poured us each a drink, the Christmas music was playing and it was lightly snowing outside. He said he wanted to give me something I might want to wear to the party – so naturally I thought, the jacket, yes! He gave me a giant box that was quite heavy, I opened it and it had the right store label on the box, but when I opened the box there was a bath towel in it with a smaller box inside. I looked at the smaller box and thought, oh wow, this must be earrings. Silly girl! Once I opened the little beautiful crimson box, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried, he cried, it was magical and we were so excited! To mention our parents were thrilled when we arrived at the party with so many of our closest friends and family to share our news!


When choosing our venue, we wanted a place that felt like a destination, but wasn’t too far away. We wanted a small resort feel where we knew we would be a priority even though we were inviting less than 100 people. We thought the Westin at Blue Mountain was perfect, because our guests didn’t have to get in cars to do any activities, meals, etc. It was all nice and close! We also wanted a beautiful back drop in terms of scenery, and because 10 or more of our guests were coming in from other countries, we wanted them to experience a place that felt truly Canadian.


            We wanted our event to feel really intimate and vintage glam, almost like a fancy family dinner, but then turn into an epic party afterward. We loved the long harvest tables, and beautiful décor. The patio setting for the ceremony kept everyone close and really felt warm and inviting, not intimidating at all. We had the most perfect weather you could ask for, so having the indoor/outdoor option was really important to us.

            We also wanted the day to be about us and our love for each other. We wrote our own vows, we selected all the songs together and did it our way and our family was very supportive. We also invited two couples whose marriages we both respect and are inspired by to speak at our ceremony about how they do it. One who have been married over 40 years and one who have been married 5 years. Their stories and experiences were so filled with love and friendship, and they ended up being similar messages.

            It was also important to us to have a live band, amazing food and a great bar.

            Drew was a huge help in the planning! He offered to do as much as possible, but his top things were good music, good food and easy access to the bar! He gave his opinions on things, which was helpful, but let me run most of the show. He bought stamps, helped with invitations and save the dates, he helped decorate the venue when we arrived. He organized most of the rehearsal dinner with me. He picked out groomsmen gifts and organized all the activities for the weekend – softball and golf for the guys, while the girls did spa afternoon, lunch and yoga!


            The day before the wedding, we were just so happy and excited. Our friends and family traveled from all over to be with us for a weekend of fun. We felt just so blessed to have so many people who love us come together and be able to get to know each other too!


The day of the wedding, I wanted to make sure we had activities to do so we didn’t have to sit around and wait for the big moment of the ceremony. So every moment of the day was fantastic! The girls did a private yoga session on the docks overlooking the village, our close family friends catered lunch, we had mimosas and got ready with our hair and makeup team in a suite at the Westin. We laughed a ton! The day felt utterly surreal. It went by so fast, as everyone says, but we really soaked up every minute of the longest day of the year.


There are so many favorite parts of the day.  The moment when we walked with both my parents out onto the aisle and I could see Drew standing at the front, looking so handsome. I loved getting my shoes back after Drew had written a sweet note on the bottom of them, loved getting ready with my bridesmaids, Mom and sister. I loved our first dance, and all the speeches – they were amazing!


The day after the wedding, we were exhausted! We spent a couple extra days just the two of us at the resort, did a spa day and just enjoyed our first few days as a married couple. We had a brunch with our family and friends before they all left and got to reminisce about the night and live it all over again!

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