Katie & Greg


Date: October 15, 2016


Venue: The Golf Club at Lora Bay



John Knox Photography

Floral: Simply Unique Flowers 

Music: Big Event Entertainment


Hair: Glow Hair Studio


Makeup: Brandy Spragg


Officiant: Beverley Sorbara


Invitations and stationary:

Paper and Poste

Greg and I met years ago, through mutual friends during undergrad in University. It was at a hospital in Toronto that we met again and hit it off when Greg had just started Nursing at a hospital in Toronto and I was placed as a student on the floor he was working on. We continued to run into each other in a large City and as cheesy as it sounds, it started to feel like fate. Even further, we’re technically together due to online dating. Of all the profiles, I came across Greg’s shortly after we re-met at the hospital. It was one of those pivotal moments when I wasn’t sure whether to message him as I was a little shy. Well, I did and the rest is history!


Greg and I share an enormous passion for skiing. It was a hot August day when Greg insisted that we hike Osler Bluff Ski Club. We had just finished a night shift and I though he was nuts, but he was persistent. We climbed to the top of Osler through the snowshoe trail. We were admiring the view at the top of a hill called “Katie’s Way”. I was about to continue walking when he called my name and turned around to him on one knee. I was so excited that I put the ring on my own finger amidst tears and laughter and eventually a “yes!”


We were originally hoping to host our wedding at Osler Bluff Ski Club until we found out they would be under renovations.I grew up skiing at Osler and after this dream proposal I naturally wanted to get married there.  This disappointment was quickly overturned by Sue with Roadrunner foods who suggested we get married at Lora Bay!  We went to see Lora Bay later that day and we fell in love. Lora Bay is nothing short of stunning.


I have always wanted a Fall wedding because I love the colours. I wanted my wedding to have a warm home-made feel, but mostly I wanted everyone to have fun! We made most of the décor ourselves right down to birch rounds on the tables as part of center pieces and matching pajama pants for my ladies to get ready in. My mom even made the burlap table runners. All of the signs were made from birch and drift wood I collected at my cottage on Georgian Bay (Parry Sound). All the pumpkins and Mums were from either Kaedy Market or local produce stands/markets.


Greg and I have a lot of family and friends that have passed away so it was important for us to commemorate them. We had a large collage picture frame on a birch easel that said “We know you would be here today if heaven weren’t so far away.” Our card box was my grandmother’s antique suitcase and some of our photo booth props were those of a jokester great uncle that had recently passed. Our loved ones were in fact with us on this important day. We were most particular about our entertainment because we cared most about the party. Ken Lindsay came highly recommended and he delivered an amazing dance party.


Greg was responsible for booking the buses and hotel blocks and organizing the groomsmen’s attire. We decided to have the guys buy 2 for 1 suits from Moore’s because it was only slightly more than renting and they got to keep the suits! We went with navy suits, blue checker shirts and orange ties for something a little different and it looked great! I did most of the planning, but Greg was very much involved in decisions.


On the wedding day, I was surprisingly calm taking in every detail. People warn you that it will fly by and it truly did. The day after, we were exhausted. What people don’t warn you about is how tired you will be when it’s all over. You spend a whole year planning something and then it is just over. It leaves a bit of a void but then you have mental space to think about things non-wedding!


The nice part about Lora Bay is that they do everything. We just showed up the night before with vehicles full of décor (labeled with instructions) and they set up most things inside the venue. I honestly can’t think of anything I was stressing about except maybe my makeup. I hardly ever wear make-up and was worried about not feeling like myself or not having enough make-up on to feel special. However, I had relayed my concerns to my make-up artist and she did a perfect job! I truly had nothing to worry about.


My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm towards a group of people I loved so dearly. Never again will I get to experience all of my most cherished friends and family in one spot.

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