Kendra & Ryan

Date: September 3, 2010
Venue/ Caterer: Lora Bay Golf Club
Event Coordinator: Amanda Jerome
Photographer: Scott Williams Photography

Ryan and I first met in my first year of high school at a class campout.  As teenagers can be, we were too shy to ever talk to one another until 3 years later during a night of drunken tobogganing in my last year of school when we shared our first kiss.  I moved to Waterloo and Ryan to Guelph for University.  The drive didn’t stop us from staying together as absence does make the heart grow fonder!

In December 2009, on Christmas Eve, Ryan & I went to see the festival of lights.  As we were walking around he found a secluded spot away from the crowds of people and got down on one knee.  The moment was like a blur as I was so excited that I can barely remember the details of what he said but I remember my response – YES!

And then began the planning of not just our wedding, but our lives together.  Both Ryan and I continued to live in separate towns through our engagement.  One planning item we agreed upon right away was the “where”.  Since I was a little girl, I had always imagined that I would get married at my parent’s home and with our extended family and friends living dispersedly having this central location made sense.  Divvying up the planning tasks of the wedding was based on whether personal meetings with the vendors were required.  Ryan took on booking the music, researching photographers, the groomsmen attire, and arranged for the donation in place of guest favours.  Since I was closer to home, I was able to take over some of the finer details such as working with the florist and Rental Company. 

We soon realized that hosting the reception at home would be a daunting undertaking due to the size of our guest list so we decided to just have the ceremony there and have a venue take care of the reception details.  Finding the perfect reception venue is easy when you narrow down what you’re looking for.  We looked at various facilities in the area and chose the one that we found had the best service, great food, reasonably priced, and had an atmosphere that reflected our style.  Most importantly was the assistance from the event planner that ensured all of our ideas and visions were realized and no idea we had was “too out there”.  They even made it possible for us to have our first dance under the stars!

Before we knew it our big day had arrived, and the forecast was calling for rain!  Where we live it’s often said “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”, so I took a deep breath calm as can be, walked down the drizzling aisle and married the man of my dreams.  And yes, we’re living happily ever after!


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