Megan & Michael


Date: September 5, 2015


Venue: Lora Bay Golf Club


Décor: Happenings Party Rentals


Floral: Simply Unique Flowers & Gifts


Photographer: Sophia Lemon


Caterer: Road Runner Foods


Music: DJ Lenny


Hair & Makeup: Capelli Hair Studio


Officiant: Reverend Dr. Brian Goodings


Wedding Favours:  The Collingwood Sweet Shoppe

Mike and I had met a few times before we started dating and friends of ours had it in their plans to have us together. At our friends’ wedding, the bride and groom seated us beside each other in hopes that it would spark something. Lucky for us their matchmaking skills were right and we have been together ever since. We dated for three years before he proposed.


Mike proposed to me on Christmas Eve. It was the first Christmas that we had spent together and surrounded by his family and some family friends he let me open one Christmas present early. It was a great big box and pretty heavy too. As I unwrapped the box and looked inside there was another box wrapped inside. After about 3 boxes were unwrapped, there was a small box with a silver Christmas ornament inside. The Christmas ornament opened up with the ring inside, Mike got down on one knee, and in front of everyone, asked if I would marry him. Somehow during the whole experience, I never once noticed the various people staring at me as I opened my present, or even the video being captured. I was completely oblivious to everything that was happening around me, and immersed in my present opening.


Mike is from the Blue Mountain area and it is a place where we spend a lot of our weekends; whether it be snowboarding in the winter, or golfing in the summer. We had looked into a few other locations but as soon as we met and interacted with Sue from Lora Bay I knew it was the place for us. Meeting with Sue, I had an instant connection with her and knew that she would coordinate our wedding day to a “T” with the information I provided her. She was great at answering all of my questions, helping to generate ideas to make the evening run smoothly. She was also able to make my vision of the décor come to life. The other reason we chose to have our wedding at Lora Bay is because the golf course overlooks Georgian Bay.


For our wedding it was very important to me that we made sure it was authentic and reflected our relationship. Mike’s parent’s farm and the apple orchard that they own and operate is a big part of that. Eventually, the apple orchard became a constant idea surrounding the planning of the wedding; from the apple wood logs that were used as part of our centerpieces, to guests picking their name card apples off of a tree, the colour scheme and lastly the caramel dipped apples from the farm that were given to guests as their favour for attending. Another big aspect was showcasing those who had passed away. I felt it was important to honour them in subtle ways. My mom and I had gathered three different charms, each one belonging to a grandparent and tied them onto my bouquet so only I knew about them. One was the angle pin my dad’s mother wore every day. The second was my grandfather's tie pin, and the third was my grandmother's cameo charm she wore on a bracelet. Another way that I did this, was by using my grandmother’s salt and pepper shaker collection on each of the tables for dinner. Being true to ourselves and sticking to the vision I had for the wedding made it a day I will never forget.


As the bride, I took on a lot of the responsibility of planning the wedding, but my groom did have some very important jobs too. Mike hollowed out all of the logs that we used for our centerpieces. All of the logs were from old trees that were on the orchard and cut down years before. He was also a big help in organizing the presents for our bridal party. Each member of the bridal party was given a pair of Converse sneakers in colours matching their outfits. It was our way of encouraging all of us to have fun on the dance floor.


As someone who works in the event planning world, I was feeling overwhelmed the days leading up to the wedding. There were so many details that I wanted to see happen and was running out of time to accomplish them all. As soon as all of the supplies were brought to Lora Bay and the rehearsal was completed I was able to hand over everything to Sue and relax.


On the day of the wedding, it was the first night in weeks that I had slept through the night completely. I was relaxed and able to enjoy the moment with my bridesmaids as we got ready and excited to see Mike as I walked down the aisle. The day after the wedding, we were exhausted, but I was feeling a little sad that it was all over. Planning our wedding was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and a way for me to channel my creativity. I am still going through wedding planning withdrawals to this day!


There are too many points in the day that were amazing, but I would have to say that our first dance was my favourite part. With the help of Mike’s Best Man and brother, Mike and he were able to combine three first dance songs we debated on seamlessly. The songs were “A Million Years”, “Come and Get Your Love” and Sir Mix-A-Lot's, “Baby Got Back”. Needless to say it all three songs showed off our personalities and was a great kick off to the dance floor for the night!



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