Sarah & Matte


Date: September 7, 2013
Venue & Caterer: Flying Chestnut
Photographer: Caroline Harlos Photography

We met on Boxing Day. My friend, who ended up being my maid of honour, took me to her friend’s apartment to gather before heading out to a Boxing Day party called Box of Kittens. I knocked on his door, shook his hand and by the end of the night we were making out like teenagers.

The morning after we met, I told my mother “I think I met the man I could marry.” I didn't know that a human could be so good, he really blew me away as a person. He called me that morning to take me to coffee but I was so nervous (and hungover) that I actually said no! He liked me and chased me. I felt like I really had no choice but to fall in love with him. You know the book, “He’s just not that into you”? I believe the sentiment, if he likes you he won’t let you go no matter how resistant you may be. I had never been on a first date, I was 22. All my previous relationships had grown from friendships. No first dates. Going on that first date was the most nerve wracking, exciting thing. We were both so nervous. I could feel it. Although in that nervous moment some higher, wiser thought came into my mind that neither of us had anything to worry about, in fact it was so magical almost seeing our whole lives together right then and there. In that moment the nerves subsided and I instantly starting falling madly in love. Best first, last date ever!

The proposal:  He came home from work midday while I was working from home and said, “Let’s go for a snowshoe!” It was February 13th; he had just picked up the ring and apparently couldn’t wait until the 14th. He took me to the lake behind our house where we stopped under the tree where we sit in the summer and take in all the beauty. At that very moment I noticed that the tree was really two trees intertwined into one, he said, “hey love, look at this...” and there he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring he designed himself. Obviously I said, "YES!"

When deciding on where to have the ceremony and reception, we wanted something that would reflect the two of us completely. Who we are, what we love, and what environment made us the most comfortable and happy. We are very laid back, happy and natural. Our friend owns a beautiful restaurant in Eugenia and he offered us to have the wedding on the property behind the restaurant overlooking a small, peaceful waterfall amongst big beautiful trees in the forest. So naturally I wore a flower crown and a Mexican wedding dress to make it perfectly down to earth.

The inspiration of love is what we wanted to showcase most. We love so deeply, so we wanted to inspire love to all of those who joined us on our special day. The most important part of our lives is our family and friends. We thought of them every step of the way; always considering the collective, eclectic group. The reality of a wedding is you are gathering all of your closest, nearest and dearest together to share the most important part of your life. The million candles, amazing food, drink, atmosphere and spontaneous fireworks made it perfect.

When it came to planning, we did it all together, every step the other had a say in and we enjoyed every moment of the planning process. It was so much fun and we essentially made it a hobby of ours over a series of months. Of course I ended up doing the obviously girly things; dress, hair, makeup.  But things like music, menu and mood were 100% the two of us.  Near to the reception venue, we took over a cottage rental resort where all of our wedding party stayed in their own little chalets and cottages. It was perfect. ?

My favourite part of the day is that I joined forces with the greatest person I know and that on that day we created a family. The cherry on top was having all of our favourite people not just witness it, but join us in celebrating and loving us as we love them. All you need is love!

The credit I give is to my now husband, our friends and family. The support was absolutely mind-blowing. I love that a wedding is such a true metaphor for your whole life really. Everybody shows who they really are, rises to the occasion and impresses you like you wouldn't believe. I think my heart grew in size over those days. I love the people in my life and feel so grateful and blessed for every one of them. Marriage is definitely something I highly recommend!

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