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Terri-Ann & Jacob


Date: Saturday August 13th, 2016


Bear Estate, Cranberry Resort

Planner: Margo Prevost, WPIC

Photographer: Vaughn Barry



Big Ticket Productions

Floral: Tulip bij Leuk

Music: DJ MasterMix

Hair & Makeup: Eryn Shannon 


Cantor Deborah Staiman

How did we meet?  It was office romance.  We both worked at a high-end sporting goods retailer in Toronto, Sporting Life.

Our dating life was easy, we enjoy so many of the same things and have a close group of mutual friends. We've travelled to Australia, Jamaica and California together, with plenty more trips already planned and enjoy watching football and love the Toronto Blue Jays.  We have so many common interests that staying busy and enjoying each other’s company feels as natural as breathing, it's cheesy but true.  The next thing we knew, five and a half years had flown by, and we were engaged.


Jake and I booked a trip to California to drive the coast from San Francisco to LA.  When we arrived, we headed down to Fisherman’s Warf and walked down to a Marina.  After the long walk, we sat down on a bench overlooking The Golden Gate Bridge and the bay.  He turned to me and said he had never been more sure of any one thing in his life, and that one thing was me, he got down on one knee and asked.  I was shocked.  We spent the next week just the two of us driving down the coast of California as a newly engaged couple!


For selecting the venue, Cranberry was our first and only stop.  Besides the wonderful Margo Prevost (our wedding coordinator) it had everything we wanted. Stunning lake views, a Marina, cozy, accessible accommodations for our guests, friendly service (everyone was so pleasant) and the perfect outdoor/cottage feel!  

The coming together of our families was easily the most important thing to us.  We both were raised with similar values of love and family, to work hard and play harder but culturally grew up different.  It was extremely important to Jake to be married incorporating Jewish traditions and I was completely on board.  We could not have been luckier to find the perfect officiant, Cantor Deborah Staiman.  She spoke wonderful words of family, inclusiveness and love during our ceremony.  Watching my family take part in the Horrah and hearing all the amazing comments the next day about how exciting and beautiful it was, we knew our wedding showcased the blending of two families perfectly.

Over the last 5 years Jake and I had attended many gorgeous and unique weddings.  When it came time to plan ours, I might have been a little ahead of the game, with countless amounts of ideas and inspirations already in my head.  Jake and I were equally involved in all the larger details although some of the smaller details started with my vision they later became a blend of both opinions.  One decision I had no say in was Jakes suit.  It was a custom made gorgeous bright blue.  I was there only for the first appointment and from then until the reveal I was completely in the dark making the reveal a surprise for both of us. 

The day before was the most relaxed both of us had been in the 10 months of planning.  Besides the fact that the forecast was calling for an 80% chance of rain on our wedding day, we were very calm. Jake golfed and I had an incredible spa day to myself.  The day for us was filled with so much laughter, lots of kisses and so many things to cheers about.  And as each special moment came and went, we both agreed, we could not believe just how lucky we were. 


There is one thing a Bride dreads on her wedding day - RAIN.  It had not rained for days, and on our day, it poured.  I don't know if it was the excitement of the day, or the fact that our fantastic coordinator made it her mission to create an even more spectacular indoor ceremony for us, but the rain never really stressed me out.  Even if my hair fell a little flat and the bottoms of our dresses were wet, everyone helped to make sure this day stayed perfect.


The Horrah, the reveal and the Ceremony were equally some of our favourite memories.  My favourite moment was the reveal.  The moment before the reveal was the most nervous and excited I had felt all day.  This was the start of OUR special day and we were just hours away from becoming Mr. and Mrs.  The Ceremony for Jake was something he said he’ll never forget.  His idea to have an outdoor wedding by the lake and marina was quickly altered by the rain.  But he says the Ceremony was one of his favourite moments.  Having me and him, plus our parents under The Chuppah together, surrounded by our family and friends was awesome.  To quote Jake "I wish we could have put that moment in a time capsule, it was my favourite moment of the entire day."