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Jaclyn Roth specializes in down-to-earth wedding photography for laid-back lovers. She is strongly inspired by human connection, emotion, and movement, and artfully weaves fun and freedom into the depths of it all. She favours couples who value emotion over perfection—the ones who are determined to have fun, even when things don’t go as planned. Her style centers around finding a balance between creation and documentation, allowing space for artistic images that capture a couple’s aliveness, as well as candid photos that stir up memories and emotions for years to come. Jaclyn believes creating this balance tells the story of a couple’s love in a natural yet cinematic way.

Jaclyn has been passionate about photography since she her early teens and has been operating her business naturally and effortlessly for over three years now. Serving Collingwood and the GTA, she is on a mission to capture couples’ love in an organic way, using creativity, ingenuity, and imagination.

Getting to know two people as a couple and learning their love language is Jaclyn’s favourite part of her business. She loves seeing how they interact with one another and collaborating with each couple to create images that truly feel like them! Hiring Jaclyn means hiring so much more than a wedding photographer. Leading up to the wedding, Jaclyn sits down with her clients and goes over every detail of their wedding day. Using her years of experience, Jaclyn helps smooth out any aspect they are unsure of and helps create a solid schedule for the day. Jaclyn prides herself on being with her couples every step of the way, from fixing the bride’s dress and making sure there are no hairs out of place, to handing out tissues when necessary… Jaclyn is there for her couples, not only to capture the best day of their lives, but to be the ultimate support system when they need it most.

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