Jenn Duff Wedding Officiant


As a Certified Wedding Officiant, I look forward to working with couples to help guide and create the ceremony of your dreams. I am committed to creating and delivering wedding ceremonies that are personal, passionate and professional. The most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony. 


When planning your wedding ceremony, it’s important to create and deliver an intimate and personal ceremony.  Today, more than at any other time in wedding planning history, there are many choices and options for your ceremony. In keeping with this reality, I have created a web site that offers countless ceremony choices. It is important that you, the couple, make these choices. This allows you the greatest level of control in the actual content spoken at your ceremony, and therefore the greatest level of comfort. This allows for each ceremony to be personal and intimate. 


Great ceremonies are such because of passion and communication. Passion is reflected in communication skills, in a desire for excellence, and also in a belief in the importance and value of great relationships. I love giving the best of myself to couples who are passionate about my role in their ceremony, and who are also committed to having a great connection. 


When it comes to choosing your officiant, I believe that the ceremony should focus on and reflect your love and relationship as best friends. All content is your choice, not mine. I will not just hand you a script and a set of rules to follow. The ceremony should reflect your passions and style, not mine or your parents. I believe the ceremony should be a real, authentic celebration of your relationship.