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As a Certified Wedding Officiant, Jennifer Duff looks forward to working with couples to help guide and create the ceremony of their dreams. She is committed to creating and delivering wedding ceremonies that are personal, passionate, and professional, because the most important part of your wedding day is the ceremony.


When planning your wedding ceremony, you want to create and deliver an intimate experience. Today, more than at any other time in wedding history, there are so many options for your ceremony. In keeping with this reality, Jennifer offers countless choices. It is important that you, the couple, makes the choice that feels right for you. This allows you the greatest level of control in the actual content spoken at your ceremony, and therefore the greatest level of comfort, which means your ceremony is personal and intimate.


Great ceremonies are great because of this passion and communication. Passion is reflected in communication skills, in a desire for excellence, and in a belief in the importance and value of great relationships. Jennifer loves giving the best of herself to couples who are passionate about her role in their ceremony, and who are committed to having a great connection with each other.


When it comes to choosing your officiant, Jennifer knows that the ceremony should focus on and reflect your love and relationship as best friends. The content is your choice, not hers, so she will never hand you a script and design a set of rules to follow. The ceremony should reflect your style and no one else’s.


Jennifer believes the ceremony should be a real, authentic celebration of the relationship you share. 

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