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Jessica Crandlemire

Jessica Crandlemire is a light chaser and lover of imperfection. She believes there is an incredible beauty in the very simplest of things.


Growing up in an artistic family, she first picked up a camera when she was just nine years old. Imagery as a form of expression really started for her when her kids were still quite young, and it quickly became her safe place. For a long time, it felt very private, but it was also always a way she could communicate with the world — to help articulate the way she saw it. This is still all true.


Jessica believes having a creative outlet is important to keep things fresh and challenging. Over a decade ago, a friend approached her to ask if she would photograph their wedding. She always loved capturing people and helping them see their truest self, so she decided to give it a go. Over the years her business has grown very intentionally, and she finally went full time into photography in 2020.


“The camera exposes a certain vulnerability in other people but in such a way they are thankful for it. I think, for whatever reason, I seem to have a good way with people. And I really enjoy that feeling because it lets me expose them to that part of themselves that they may never have seen otherwise.”


Jessica loves light and all the things that light does, and she genuinely loves people and the interactions they share. She approaches her couples like a conversation and makes sure they are having fun with it, too. Jessica knows that every couple is different, and in her process, she likes to see where her couples find themselves and allow space for their story to direct them, instead of planning everything ahead of time.


She loves shooting weddings because she falls in love with the couples themselves, a fact that is reflected in her work. She takes a very personal approach to photographing her couples, because she wants them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. All of her packages also include an engagement session so she can get to know them and learn the love they share.


Her style is one of strong emotion, and Jessica strives to make her audience feel something through her photography. She wants you to feel the way you felt when you see a photo of yourself beaming, lathered in light, on one of the most special days of your life. 

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