The transitional period of merging two lives into one comes with so many emotions and uncertainties, but it should be an exciting time above all else. Like buying a home — Jessica Schaap knows that planning a wedding and everything that comes with it can be overwhelming, but when you have the right team working together it can be stress free and very enjoyable!


Similar to a wedding planner, a good realtor will put in the work to figure out what factors are the most important to you when buying a home and then put the proper resources in place to make it happen. The year 2021 marked Jessica’s 10th year in real estate and she is beyond grateful for the clients who have turned into friends and the beautiful people she’s met along the way. Being able to wake up each day and play such a critical role in moving couples and families from one chapter to the next is not something she takes lightly. Jessica is deeply invested in each one of her clients and their unique situations and needs. 


She also understands that there are likely a lot of things on your “to-do list,” so being flexible and accessible is something Jessica always strives for. Even if buying a home is not on the list just yet — Jessica can work with you to put you on the path to home ownership.