Joelle & Tom

August 5, 2018



Lora Bay



Tierney Hill (Lora Bay), Tom and Joelle (Ceremon



Tom and Joelle



Cedar and Stone



Tara Lilly






Lora Bay



DJ Rich Sweet



Glitz Galz



Katie Ballantyne

Joelle’s Brother



We were setup on a blind date by two of our good friends. Tom decided we should go rock climbing at a local gym in Toronto. In order to climb without a lesson you needed to pass a belay test. The problem was neither of us actually knew how to belay! We decided to quickly study a how-to video on YouTube and even with all the nerves of a first date, and pretending to be an expert in something we learned 5 mins before, we passed!  

In addition to not enjoying rock climbing we had many other things in common. We spent the next years being active and enjoying the outdoors. Weekends and holidays were spent at our family cottages (mine in Thornbury and Tom’s on the French River), cycling, running, cross-country skiing, fishing and camping. Tom once took me on a particularly difficult 16-mile hike, which was not my idea of fun. My perseverance and pos convinced Tom I was the one for him.  

We were camping at Sibbald Point in Georgina, Ontario, after finishing our first triathlon together. Early in the morning Tom “hid” the ring in his tackle box and took me fishing. When he asked me to choose a lure I didn’t even notice the ring sitting in the tackle box! I picked the biggest shiniest lure I could find... but Tom redirected me to the ring and I got the catch I was really looking for.  

We both love Thornbury and my family’s cottage on Christie Beach. I wanted to have the ceremony and reception at the cottage – but it just wasn’t practical. So we found the perfect balance by having the ceremony and cocktails on the beach at the cottage followed by a beautiful dinner and dance at Lora Bay. We celebrated all of the things that brought Tom and I together, and the excitement of our life spent together forever. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. 

We basically made every decision together, and planning a wedding is tough. Admittedly I did most of the vendor coordinating. Tome made up for it with his artistic efforts; building, staining, and decorating all of our signs, seating chart, card box, etc. Tom and his family made me 10-foot, cedar canopy that I really wanted. 

The day before the wedding we hosted a rehearsal dinner at the cottage with our family and bridal party. It was such a relaxing evening of beach games, dinner, speeches and tons of laughs. The day of the wedding was just pure excitement. I couldn’t wait until our friends and family showed up and to celebrate with them. It was a full day of “I can’t believe this is really happening” moments. The day after our wedding we were definitely still riding the high of our dream day. We were also sad that it was over so quickly. Luckily we have the memories, photos and videos to relive the day! 

Tom and I had everything planned in incredible detail. The day-of schedule was a full 7 pages long, and distributed to the wedding party well in advance. We had also enlisted a close friend, Winnie, to help with coordinating. We didn’t realize how much we needed a coordinator until she stepped up and made sure everything was going according to our plan. We owe so much of our stress-free day to her! 

Two moments really stick out for me. The first would be walking down the aisle to Tom.  It was such a surreal moment and one of the happiest in my life. My second favourite part was saying my vows. I had put a lot of thought into them in the days leading up and I just couldn’t wait to say them to Tom.   

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