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June 17, 2017





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Matthew & I met through mutual friends at a coffee shop, after a church event in the spring of 2014. I wouldn’t see him again until the following Fall, as I went away for the summer, however we both admitted to being interested in each other at that first interaction.

At our first date, we spent hours talking about our families and our interests. After that date (and many others), we decided to make it official shortly after to holidays. We love dining out together and sharing in our mutual love of food.

The night before he proposed he said he was going to pick me up at 5:00AM the next day. He told me to make sure I had a jacket and my ID. When he arrived in the morning, we made our way to the airport and I was shocked and unsure where we were headed. Since I had class the next day, I knew we wouldn’t be going far. I started to get a sneaking suspicion of what the day might hold, as I could tell he was nervous. We landed in Ottawa and he had a day of adventuring planned. We were across the canal from parliament, on a beautiful fall walk when he decided to pull me aside and snap a few photos. He dropped down on one knee and popped the question. To which I overwhelmingly exclaimed “of course”. It was cold fall day and Matt kept telling me to put my gloves on, but I didn’t want to cover up the ring I couldn’t stop staring at. We went out for a beautiful dinner and called our families to share in the excitement.

When it came to deciding on where to get married, my parents live in Thornbury, and we love the area! There is beautiful scenery, from the trees and hills to the waters of Georgian Bay. We also knew there was lots of accommodation and activities for our travelling guests (which was about 90% of the guest list). Alpine Ski Club stood out because it was close to my parents’ house, and they just opened their beautiful new building.

The theme for the wedding was simple and elegant. I didn’t want anything over the top, just simple decorations, twinkle lights, fresh white flowers and greenery. We had a slideshow of pictures from throughout our lives together and our lives growing up which was a great nostalgic and conversational piece. For me it was all about great people, great food and a fun night celebrating together.

When it came to the planning duties, well, let’s just say Matt took care of the honeymoon and I took care of most of the wedding details. He was a great support when I needed help on any decisions, though.

I don’t recall having many stresses on the day of the wedding, to be honest. I was excited to see all the planning and dreaming come to fruition. The moment before I walked down the aisle I got rushed with major butterflies and was very nervous. But as soon as we locked eyes, I was at ease again. I knew that even if things didn’t go as planned, no one would notice, and when I looked back at the day I wouldn’t care about those minute details.

When thinking about our wedding day, it’s so hard to pick one moment that was special because the entire day was laced with perfect moments. Being able to have all our favorite people from all our distinct phases of life, in one room together was surreal. I remember looking at each table and thinking, “oh what a fun table” or “I would love to be sitting there” and having these thoughts for every table! It was so special having so many people we loved all together to celebrate with us. One moment that stands out was when Matt and I were first alone as husband and wife. We were in the limo, off to get our photos done and we both felt like the most nerve racking part was over, and it was just time to enjoy ourselves.

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