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Makeup By Lee

  • Makeup By Lee | Collingwood The Blue  Mountains Best Makeup Artist
  • Makeup By Lee | Collingwood The Blue  Mountains Best Makeup Artist

With over 10 years’ experience in the wedding industry, Makeup by Lee offers makeup artistry for any occasion. Lee specializes in bridal beauty and strives to enhance her clients’ features and natural beauty. As a form of art, Lee not only loves having a new and unique “canvas” to work with, but she loves using makeup to bring out the best in people, giving them the confidence and glam that they deserve on their special day. Makeup is a way to personally express and enhance a bride’s true self and can be the final touch needed to complete any look.


Makeup trials provide an opportunity to explore different ideas and Lee takes this time to get to know you and your love story. She knows it is important to build this relationship with you to understanding your wants, likes and dislikes, helping you feel comfortable and confident having her as your artist. “The more I get to know you, the better I can match makeup to your personality.”


On wedding days, Lee is organized and has specific timelines worked out for her brides to help the morning run smoothly. Lee also offers the option to stay behind and do touch-ups during photos, as it’s just as important to maintain makeup as it is to apply it.


Her favourite thing about weddings is what they represent: the sealing of a relationship between two people who are in absolute love with each other. She loves seeing the excitement on a client’s face when it’s nearing “go time” because they just can’t wait to see their other half and she is passionate about making her clients feel passionate in that moment.

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