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Marie Scholz is an adventurous elopement and wedding photographer travelling the globe to capture love in all its forms. She is a natural light photographer with a nomadic spirit, and to her it’s important that you experience every moment all over again when you look at your gallery. Marie believes that couples should have the option to get married anywhere they dream of, not worry about timelines or putting on a performance, and trust that she will be there to document it all. 


So, what is it like to work with her?


Remove all your expectations of what it’s like to work with a professional photographer. Working with her is like having a silly best friend, third wheeling with you on a date.


Marie is not about the “fake” candid photos. She captures the memories and emotions made when you start to forget she’s there. Marie focuses on images that help her clients remember the landscapes they saw, the smell of the air and the feeling of the atmosphere, as well as the hugs and tears and belly laughs that made their day special.


At the end of the day, Marie loves what she does because her couples consider her a pal, trust her deeply, value intimate moments (that doesn’t just mean kissing), and don’t mind breaking tradition if it means they’re staying true to themselves.


Couples choose her because she brings new ideas to the table that are unique to their relationship. Her favourite part about wedding days is being able to get creative with her clients. Want to hike to the top of a mountain to say your vows? Take a boat ride to a small island? Rent a cottage and explore the Georgian Bay coast from Tobermory to Killbear? Marie ensures three things: friendship, adventure, and timeless images.

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