Marie Scholz Photography is an adventure elopement and wedding photographer. I am a natural light photographer with a nomadic spirit so to me there is really no place too far to say your vows if it means crafting the best day of your lives. I believe that couples should have the option to get married anywhere they can dream of, not worry about timelines or performing and trust that I will be there to document it all as it happens. 

I focus on images that will let my clients remember the landscapes they saw, the smells of the earth and the feeling of the atmosphere as well as all the hugs and tears and belly laughs. 

Every marriage is one beautiful story. I am here to capture it with honesty and integrity. At the end of the day, I do what I do because the couples that I work with value adventure, the intimate moments over a big show, minimalism over luxury and want to make their wedding day an experience where they will make memories together. I am inspired by my couples and their imaginations, many of them have dreams of travelling or finding spots on roads less travelled for their wedding days and I have always been right there to help make those dreams a reality.

Couples choose me because I focus on giving them a whole day to experience rather than just a few hours. They choose me because I bring new ideas to the table that are unique and specific to their relationship. My favourite part of my workday is being able to get creative with my clients. Want to hike to the top of a mountain to say your vows? Take a boat ride to a small island? Rent a cottage and explore the Georgian Bay coast from Tobermory to Killbear? I am here to bring those adventure dreams to life and to capture unplanned, love-filled, unposed moments. 

On the wedding day, the vows are what I love the most. They let me see straight into the hearts of my clients. Their fears, their loves, their challenges, their triumphs, and I feel incredibly grateful to be there for it.