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Markdale Flowers has been hand-delivering premium floral arrangements to help strengthen relationships, show love and support, and celebrate life’s special moments since 1969. At Markdale Flowers, your dream wedding can come true within a budget you can afford.


The team produces unique floral bouquets and décor for weddings week after week and every quote and design is customized to a client’s vision for their day. They love adding small touches that only the couple understand why it is there. For example, finding out what a special family member’s favourite flower is or including a locket of a lost loved one.


True craftsmen, Markdale flowers fall in love with every wedding bouquet they create! They love watching the reaction when the bouquet is revealed, as it is the first time the floral and décor visions are witnessed as coming to life. After personally delivering bouquets to the wedding party, a member of the team delivers the boutonnieres and corsages and helps install them, so they are not put on upside-down or on the wrong side!

Markdale Flowers also offers full decor service and rentals and has a collection of different marquee letters to light up your event. Every look is customized for every couple. Even if you want to do more yourself, they can provide setting up last minute touches on the day-of to help make sure your day runs smoothly, so you can enjoy the moments of the morning with your wedding party.

Lastly, Markdale Flowers works with all budgets and offers a large selection of styles, products, bouquets and looks. Kimberley, the lead floral designer and owner, is also very picky. If she feels the bouquets, decor or overall look does not match the couple’s vision, she works to make sure it is perfect.

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