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Megan & Kevin

July 18, 2020









Catering & Bar


The Little Shed Flower Co.

We met playing Co-Ed Soccer.  When we started dating, we went on elaborate dates, humble dates, and everything in between. Kevin was a perfect gentleman and would invent an adventure day of surprise dates. As our dating life thrived, we went to church events together and continued to play soccer for 3 years before he proposed.

We travelled to Virginia (the state for lovers!) to a Christadelphian Bible school. He planned the proposal with a few friends the night before, finding the perfect spot. The next day at lunch we piled into our truck to find a cool local lunch spot but found ourselves wandering the historic stone buildings of the oldest university in Williamsburg amongst big old trees. It was fall, so the leaves were beautifully orange, and it was warm out. We walk through some trees and over a bridge and at the top of the bridge he began telling me about how he loves me... then got down on one knee and presented a beautiful ring!

COVID-19 threw us some curve balls. We planned and replanned and finally were grateful to hear that a Pop-Up Elopement Day was happening near the Collingwood area where we often holiday and enjoy. It was perfect!

Some important factors we wanted to showcase in our celebrations was our faith, our love, our appreciation of nature and outdoors and our thankfulness to family and God.

When it came to the planning duties, Kevin helped with more than I expected! He helped with venue, guest list, calming me!  As we spontaneously decided to do our wedding within 2 weeks after of the Pop-Up Elopement Day the most stressful part was finding our outfits! Otherwise, The Pop-Up Event Company did everything! Made us feel so calm!

The best part of our wedding day was being outside with perfect weather, feeling beautiful, enjoying dinner outside, dancing under the stars, and having my love beside me. 

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