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A Dream Starts with a Dreamer

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Amanda Jerome Events


At 5 years old, I attended my first wedding as a flower girl. This is one of my first memories - ever. I wore pink leather ballet slippers and a soft pink gown. They served sandwiches. The groom wore a white suit and the bride was the most magnificent in her laced-over dress and wide brimmed hat. At 7, I was tasked with ‘setting the table’ for one of our family dinners. My Mother had this old book from my Great Grandmother that I quickly became obsessed with and would beg to set the table with multiple cutlery sets and formalities for many meals to come. By 14, I developed an interest and passion for photography as I loved to capture moments of the fleeting present. To have recognized my calling in Wedding & Event Planning was like breathing; natural and already a part of me. The details of life and creating everlasting memories are my passion.

Getting to know couples in the path to planning their celebrations and sharing in their day of love is a blessing. To capture the essence of you and your love of one another to turn it into your wedding day dreams is an honour. There’s absolutely nothing along the way that I don’t absolutely love doing, even the clean-up! Knowing that your day will be filled with magic and you have the chance to sink into every moment as it happens without worrying about who will take care of the next detail and what details are next to come is the goal. The years of this experience in etiquette, service, food & beverage and planning help make your planning experience smooth and seamless.

There's no need to go at it alone - planning a wedding is a huge task. Lean into the experience of someone who's done it hundreds of times, and together we will cultivate a day where no detail is missed, and every detail is yours.


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