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With each year that passes, styles and trends develop and evolve based on unique visions, creativity, and industry influences. The year 2021 saw a dramatic shift in some industry influences, but as you will see in the floral features ahead, it did not inhibit the creativity of designers! Here are some design trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.

Shortages & Sustainability

When the demand for flowers dropped last year, growers worldwide had to make drastic adjustments to reduce wasting crops. Add in flooding, forest fires and flight disruptions — when we then saw the summer wedding season surge — we endured the largest global flower shortage in history. Flowers in the highest demand were the most renowned wedding varieties and hardest hit. Pricing per stem was astronomical, brides were faced with accepting entirely new colour palettes and many florists never received parts of their orders. It. Was. Hard.

So, what can we expect for 2022 with all of this in mind? I’ll let you in on a little secret — we are surrounded by an incredible community of local growers right here in Ontario, with growing seasons beginning in May/June and lasting until the frost falls. These amazing flower farmers work closely with florists to collaborate on upcoming trends and anticipated colour palettes, always planning for the year ahead.

Here are some tips to go local:

· Work closely with your floral designer to understand the process

· Usually, designers learn what colours and varieties will be ready within a 2-3 week window, so try to be flexible and trust your designer to curate a beautiful palette with what is on the bloom calendar

· Choosing a local grower not only means reducing the carbon footprint of sourcing flowers, but they are usually cut from the field within 1-2 days of your florist picking them up, which means they will be the freshest blooms!

Bold Colours, Dried Flowers, Texture

Weddings are set to see colour in 2022! From unexpected colour combinations to brighter palettes, couples are ready to celebrate their love vibrantly. Citrus tones, bold pinks, and periwinkle blues are forecasted to be showstoppers in floral and decor this year. Classic palettes in the dusty pink, nude, and apricot family will remain constants, as well as muted fall tones such as rust, burgundy, and blending hues. Dried grasses and flowers are here to stay! Pampas, dried palms, preserved flowers, and fillers are wonderful additions to offset another year of uncertainty in the fresh flower world. We will see lots of alternative and artful expressions to compliment fresh floral palettes. More editorial and fine art-inspired designs are on the horizon, utilizing fresh flowers mixed with dried elements, created in an artistic, organic, garden style. Less greenery — more texture.

Wow Factor

Whether your guest list is 15 or 150, in your home, a tent or at a venue, focusing on a few high impact statements will go a long way in wowing your guests. The intimate celebrations of last year allowed couples to highlight more special details, like upgraded linens and tablewares, more pronounced floral pieces, and decor elements. If you’re hopeful for a larger guest list, consider a few key pieces such as hanging installations, elaborate ceremony designs or a grand entry way. Rented bars and vintage trailers to serve cocktails or appetizers from could be designed with flower arrangements to further enhance the ambiance! Asking your florist to design arrangements in vessels allows you to gift guests with floral pieces in place of traditional party favours they’ll be able to enjoy in the days following your wedding.

Above all else, 2022 is the year to follow your heart and make choices that bring you joy as you design your best day ever!

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