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Floral Symmetry and Wildness

Euclid Design Co.

Photo By: Frances Beatty Photography

Rachel Kwan is the lead designer and founder of Euclid Design Co, a creative studio providing both full-service event floral design and copper backdrop structures. She founded Euclid Design Co out of a need to problem-solve for her own wedding, and that's where her passion for both flowers and making copper art was born. She grew up in a family of computer programmers and engineers before immersing herself in fast-paced creative marketing agencies. This experience honed her design eye and problem-solving skills, which she's brought on this greener, more flower-filled journey. She now works out of her studio near the Beaver Valley in Kimberley, ON.

Rachel looks at nature's design as the example to follow. She loves seeing how plants and flowers grow towards the light, and how each petal and leaf finds its own place on a stem or bush. Her design approach gathers together clean, geometric elements with softer organic materials, striking a balance between symmetry and a sense of wildness and movement.

In order to put your special stamp on your wedding day, Rachel collaborates with you on a floral vision that is personalized, authentic, and on-budget. She's creative and practical and uses local flowers wherever possible to bring the best of the Georgian Bay area to your celebration. Rachel places a high value on transparent communication and building a sense of partnership with you -- she believes working with her should feel like working with one of your most trusted friends.

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