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Happenings Party Rentals

Take a moment to think about the question, “How do I envision my wedding?” A thorough understanding of your vision is the foundation of wedding planning. Help can always be found with the details, but no one can tell you what you want. Start with what is most important to you. What is the purpose of the celebration? Do you want to intimately share your vows with your loved ones? Do you want to shout, “I’m in LOVE!” for the whole world to hear? The layout, theme, entertainment and guest list of your event are built on these answers.

When it comes to planning an event as important as a wedding, delegation is key. Describe your vision to your friends, family, caterers, event planners and decorators. Help them understand the goals and purpose. Delegating responsibility can ease the work load but investing in the wrong kind of help may alter the vision. Have criteria and test their compatibility, be selective in the recruitment of these suppliers.

Proper wedding-related businesses should ask relevant questions and clarify their importance. As much as you, they want to ensure your needs have been met as promised. They aren’t just asking questions about your plans; they’re getting to know all about you.

Any good business will not make a promise they cannot keep. Solicit friends and neighbours, read the customer testimonials for reviews of these suppliers. Did they deliver on their promise? Was their work satisfactory or barely above par? What are the limits of their service? Don’t make an uninformed decision!

As a representative of the wedding industry in the Georgian Triangle, we here at Happenings Party Rentals do our best to live by these standards. We learn as much as we can from our customers to provide the memorable experience they seek. We educate on the processes of our business so a mutual understanding between the supplier and the client can be met. We only promise what we can deliver, and we’ve had a great time doing it for nearly 30 years. If you need equipment, decor, linen, place settings, or tents for any social gathering - we can help fulfill your purpose. Don't hesitate to check us out! If you’re looking for inspiration, our blog, product catalog and picture gallery online can kick start your research.

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