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Inspired Candid Imagery

Visual Roots Photography

Visual Roots Photography is a stellar husband and wife team specializing in weddings and portraits. Kate and Andy have been working together for over 18 years photographing weddings. As a team, they are both prime shooters, individually capturing your day as they each see it. After working nearly every wedding together for so many years, their efficiency in shooting allows you to be more present to your family and friends.

Their aim is to create modern and unique portraits, not posed or contrived, while telling your love story.

“Throughout the years, we have captured lots of heartfelt moments and been apart of so many beautiful wedding days. For us this is such an amazing thing to watch and be apart of documenting peoples lives.”

Kate’s favorite part of your wedding day is the getting ready and the reception. "I like seeing the bride transform and the be in the energy of the girls getting ready. Reception is also a favorite because you get to listen to all the ways friends and family have supported the couple. Who doesn't love a good dance party!"

For Andy, his favorite is the reception too. "The energy and vibe but also, this is where we get to be creative with lighting. Each venue is different and adds to the puzzle of how to light a dark room while people are dancing. Others might not think that sounds fun but for us it keeps us on our toes and eggs us on to always be upping the creativity."Check out the profi

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