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Us wedding professionals at the Georgian Bay Wedding Society have been talking about you a lot lately! We see you out there with the tear in your heart and the tear in your eye that your wedding was forced into postponement due to COVID-19. We're commiserating with you!

Just know, we're in the background coming up with answers to help soothe the pain and guide you through the adjustments as needed. We're adjusting our businesses to help you find ways to still hopefully marry this year and still find ways to celebrate your love, even though it may be nothing as you imagined. We're here to help guide you in adjusting your plans for the big celebrations to follow "to be determined". The world looks different now and will be for the time ahead. The most important things to remember is that you have each other, regardless of the rings on the fingers and the ceremony befitting them.

There will be a time for you to come together with your family and friends. And what a better time to gather altogether than a wedding to celebrate not just the love for you and your partner, but the love for all of your family and friends!

In the meantime, as we all take this 'one day at a time', we want to give you some hope; something to look forward to and encourage you to keep dreaming of your special wedding day.

If you haven't had the chance, you can flip through the Georgian Bay Wedding Guide online HERE. We also hosted the epic Georgian Bay Wedding Show last November at Alpine Ski Club and February at Georgian Bay Hotel getting ready for all your 2020/ 2021 weddings. In case you missed them, you can jump on over to our galleries HERE and check them out! Keep an eye out on our blogs and Instagram as we begin personally introducing you to the wedding professionals that make getting married in South Georgian Bay extra special.

Collingwood Blue Mountain Georgian Bay Wedding
Georgian Bay Wedding Show - PHOTOS BY: @Darien.Funk | @DarienFunkWeddings

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