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Peasemarsh Farm Catering

Peasemarsh Farm Catering is a full-service off-site catering company and retail store located in Flesherton, ON. With a focus on using local organic ingredients, Peasemarsh Farm has been showcasing the great local meat and produce our region has become known for through the last 8 years.

Our goal is to bring people together through the love food and to share our passion for our local sustainable farmers that has a positive impact on the environment and our community. To be a leading provider of outstandingly delicious local food and impeccable customer service by offering versatile and flexible menus with consistency and presentation at its core is our focus.

Chef and owner Chris Bishop loves to travel, backpack and snowboard. But his passion is food. He began formal training as a chef in England at age 18 and among his many other jobs has cooked for Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip and Princess Anne.

Peasemarsh Farm Catering has become synonymous with quality and resounding consensus that it is elevating the catering landscape with creativity, novelty and edge. The growing company has earned a reputation for going beyond kitchen limits and crafting experiences in unique, offsite destinations with a focus on local, fresh and regional ingredients. Meticulous attention to detail, handcrafted dishes, and a farm-to-table commitment has Peasemarsh Farm surpassing even the highest of standards.

Weddings are a momentous day and I feel lucky and honored that people put their trust in me to deliver quality food for such a special day that will be remembered forever. I really enjoy cooking outside on a beautiful summers’ day at some of most breath taking venues the area has to offer.


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