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Sarah & Douglas' Wedding

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

August 7, 2021

We both started at the University of Guelph back in 2011. We had a mutual friend, but it wasn't until second year that we really connected! Sarah asked if Douglas could help her out by prepping her for an upcoming physics quiz. He didn't need much convincing! We started dating shortly after.

Our dates ranged from visiting coffeeshops and antique stores to walks in the university's arboretum and board game nights. We've traveled to the other side of the world together, visiting Thailand and Laos after we graduated. We've also covered many kilometers in trips up and down Highway 11 when Sarah was attending Teacher’s College in North Bay. Most importantly, we were always there to support each other through life's ups and downs.

A good friend of ours plays bagpipes every Friday in the summer in Southampton. What Sarah thought was just another visit to see our friend play and watch the sunset was really a secret proposal. While trying not to be a nervous wreck, Douglas asked Sarah if she wanted to go for a stroll down the beach and maybe stop to get a picture in front of the water at sunset. He asked their friend to tag along so that she could pretend to take a photo while actually recording the whole thing. Douglas could barely hold himself together, but he got down on one knee and proposed with the sweetest monologue. Sarah was completely surprised and of course said YES! To add to the surprise, Douglas had also planned an entire weekend up at Manitoulin Island to celebrate.

After looking at several venues, we fell in love with the Fall’s Inn. Right away, Meg was ready to help Sarah overthrow Douglas and host a Harry Potter-themed wedding, but with Sarah an avid reader and Douglas an equally avid writer, we decided on a theme of books instead. Sarah's bouquets were even made from the pages of Douglas's first book!

The day before our wedding was a roller coaster. Our car broke down on the way to the venue and we had to have a friend pick us (and all of our decor) up from a Foodland parking lot. But it all worked out and the rehearsal dinner that night was so much fun! It was when we felt like we got to visit the most with our loved ones. It really set the whole wedding weekend off to a great start. We also hired the wonderful Windsong Carriages to bring Sarah into the ceremony. As part of their package, they not only provide guests with carriage rides during cocktail hour, but right after the ceremony they whisked us away for a private ride. It was lovely to be able to spend that time together, just the two of us. We could just enjoy each other's company and bask in the joy of finally being married.

Honestly, the whole wedding felt surreal. After so much planning and re-planning it was amazing to finally marry each other.


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