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Wedding Planning 101

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Amanda Jerome, WPICC ~

Congratulations on your engagement! You are on the cusp of two amazing, life changing adventures. The first, and most important, beginning your life together as a married couple; the second, and most overwhelming, the process of wedding planning.

When you begin your wedding planning, there will likely be a fleeting conversation on whether to hire a wedding planner. Most of you will move past this in your checklist assuming it will be “too expensive” or “do we really NEED one”. Your goal in the coming months will be to find that perfect vendor match to help set the mood and theme for your day; dress, photographer, videographer, officiant, music, venue & caterer, florist, hair & makeup to name a few! Truly, there is only one vendor that fills a critical piece of the vendor puzzle, to help keep you on pace of the planning so there’s no ongoing feeling of being overwhelmed, to pair you with the most suitable professional vendors so you’re not spending hours on end researching, to be your ongoing resource over the entire course of wedding planning, to be there for you on the week of, day of the celebrations taking care of the important details so you can be present to your special day: you need a wedding planner.

Wedding planners can vary in the range of services they provide, and each has their own unique offerings. Maybe, you need someone to guide you through the process of the planning as you DIY or you have all the pieces in place and only need someone to execute the finer details of the event day. Or maybe, your life is so hectic that adding on the planning of a massive event like a wedding is tremendously overwhelming for you and having a planner by your side from start to finish would make the process that much more enjoyable! Wedding planners can fill all those needs; they live for it. Finding the right planner for you can determine the difference between being able to sail in enjoyment through the process of planning your big day and turning into a mega Bridezilla or Groomzilla once you get to a point of realizing that the planning just isn’t done yet!

Having been a planner for over 12 years, hosting over 300 events, I’d like to think that not only can we bring you the very best connections with local vendors, but a sense of ease knowing that no detail is too big, too small or too cumbersome for us. There are many favorite moments in the wedding planning process for me. From meeting with you for the first time, getting to know all about you, your fiancé and your wedding dreams, to setting up the finer details on the day of your wedding, we even love the clean-up. But most of all, it’s watching you walk back up the aisle after your ceremony, your euphoric adrenaline Love Drunk state; the true celebration of the reason why we plan weddings, to get you married!

Enjoy this montage of celebratory recessionals.

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