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Wedding Planning 101

Amanda Jerome, WPICC

Here you are, engaged! And on the cusp of two amazing, life-changing adventures. The first, and most important, beginning your life together as a married couple; the second, and most overwhelming, the process of planning a wedding.

The planning process starts with the vision. Sharing your ideas and dreams for your day with each other formulates the first steps of ‘what’s next.’ Kick this conversation off with your Top 3 “must haves” at your wedding and ask each other “what do we want our guests to remember from our wedding day?”

Determining the setting for your wedding is the next item on the list as it will be the canvas to which you build your plans from. Regardless of if you are thinking an outdoor or indoor space, city vibes, a local destination, at a resort or in country setting, the venue you select will be a direct reflection of your style.

Next on your chat list is the money talk. Understanding your financial contributions along with any contributions from parents or loved ones will set the tone for your venue and vendor selections right from the start. Your budget will be split into multiple categories, but your Top 3 “must haves” will be the pillars of determining what takes priority in your spending. In general, you will spend a significant portion of your budget on food, drink, and venue, which may also include rentals such as a tent, tables, chairs, and dinner wares.

Your goal in the coming months will be to find those perfect vendors to match to your budget and your vision. There is one vendor that fills a critical piece of the puzzle, to help keep you on pace of the planning, to pair you with the most suitable professionals, to be your ongoing resource over the entire course of wedding planning, to be there for you on the week of and the day of the celebrations, taking care of the important details so you can be present and actually enjoy your special day: you need a wedding planner.

Not only will wedding planners bring you the absolute best connections with local vendors, but a sense of ease knowing that no detail is too big, too small, or too cumbersome as they expertly answer your questions and wash away any wedding planning worries you may have. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but leaning on the expertise of a professional will get you to your wedding day stress-free and have you dancing up the aisle after you’ve sealed your ceremony with a kiss, in a euphoric Love Drunk state as you celebrate your marriage and the next adventure together!

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