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August 19, 2017



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Where do I begin.... we started dating in high school after being introduced through one of my sisters, Rorey, who John is good friends with. I was 16 at the time and he was 18. It’s crazy to think we have known each other for that long!  He went away to university in Toronto and I went to university in Sudbury. Over the course of time we did the long-distance thing, but it was hard. I went for another year of school as post grad in Orillia then got my internship in Toronto which is when John and I moved in together.  Once I was done school we got a cute little West Highland Terrier, Wesley who was our ring bearer!


 One thing I love about John is he is the best listener. I told him years ago when we weren’t even close to getting engaged that my ideal proposal would be taking our dog (that we didn’t even own at the time) for a walk with no one around and him proposing. That is exactly what he did. John and I took Wesley to the Scarborough Bluffs for a walk.  I had no idea he was going to propose. When we first got there, there were a lot people walking the beach. By the time John and I got to the end of the beach there was not one person in sight. That is where John got down on one knee and proposed. Of course I cried. I still joke around with John that he put a sign in his truck that said “I am going to propose to my girlfriend can everyone please leave the bluffs”. It was perfect and exactly what I pictured, a nice intimate moment without a bunch of people around.       


We both knew we wanted to get married in our hometown of Owen Sound. Good family friends of ours offered to let us have our wedding on their property.


It was important for us to embrace and showcase the simplicity of an outdoor wedding. To John and I the hay bales in the field and Georgian Bay in the background was so beautiful. For our decor we tried to keep it simple and clean looking. No bright colour just white and green.


At the star of our planning, our main goal was just to book the main vendors: caterer, flowers, photographer, DJ etc.  Once that was booked we started making lists of everything we needed to do, that list kept getting added to too as it got closer to the day. We looked at it and decided what each of us was comfortable doing.  If we both weren’t comfortable or weren’t sure than we put it on a separate list and those were the things we would do together.  I oversaw finding and buying/renting the decor that we wanted i.e candles, guest book, table numbers etc also meeting with the florist to go over flowers.   John was responsible for making signage, ordering the generator and getting liability insurance.   Our list together was ordering alcohol, picking songs, table seating chart, getting our marriage licence, and deciding on food.


The day before the wedding I was excited but also a little stressed because it was raining a lot!  The day of the wedding I was feeling so excited, happy and had this surreal feeling like “oh my goodness this actually my wedding day”. It was just the best day.  The day after the wedding I felt relieved that our wedding day went smoothly but also a little sad that it was all over!


My biggest stress was that it was raining. I was so sad that all the work that I had put into the day for this beautiful outdoor wedding and it was raining. That stress went away, as soon as my dad said we are waiting until this rain passes before you walk out there (which was only 20min).


It’s hard to pick one favourite part of the day. My top three are: walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing John waiting for me; taking pictures with John and being able to embrace it all just the two of us; and at one point at dinner I looked around the tent at everyone who was there and just felt so happy and loved that our closest family and friends were all there to share a really intimate and special day with us.