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Collingwood, Ontario


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Soapstones Natural Skincare originated out of a passion to produce and sell a beautiful hand-made bar of soap. From these rather humble beginnings, the company’s product line grew and now offers a complete line of over 400 products thoughtfully designed and crafted from the finest natural ingredients for men, women, and babies, and with products addressing the distinct needs of every region of the body from head to toe. 

Owners, Joanne and David have had varied business careers spanning over 30 years each. Soapstones has celebrated over 20 years of success in Muskoka and opened its doors in Collingwood in November 2017. They are passionate about creating and selling high quality, naturally-inspired skincare products in ways that are gentle on our planet, and that are motivated by a social conscience to make a difference in the world. 

There are several aspects to their business that makes Soapstones unique. Behind the commitment to quality is their people. It is their collective energy, creativity, skill and passion to make and sell products that promote well-being with a social conscience that has contributed enormously to the success of the business. They produce an excellent product which is well-priced relative to many competitors. Beyond these factors lies a social conscience as an organization. Products are never tested on animals even though this means they are unable to sell products in certain markets of the world. They continuously striving to reduce, reuse and recycle to lessen the environmental footprint on the planet. Ingredients are source from sustainable, fair-trade producers. And Soapstones is very proud of their commitment to youth leadership making a commitment to give 5% of net profits to charities focused on the development of youth leadership, but in fact they give much more than that which makes all of us at Soapstones happy. 

Weddings represent a time of new beginnings, of dreams, of community, and of love and passion. Whether a guest, a family member or the bride or groom, the wedding presents us with an opportunity to reflect on our past and to be hopeful for our future, and those who will help shape that future. This is the gift of the wedding to all who attend, and that which resonates most powerfully for Joanne, David & Soapstones.