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Sophia Tubman Photography

  • Sophia Tubman Photography
  • Sophia Tubman Photography

Sophia Tubman Photography is your Ontario Wedding & Elopement Photographer.  She’s here to tell you it is okay to want something different and wants to empower you to do what feels right to you! Weddings can be a lot of pressure, filled with stress, tight timelines all while trying to enjoy the experience. Sophia wants you to know, it doesn’t have to be this way. When you hire her, you are getting so much more than just a photographer. You are getting a friend, someone who truly cares about your experience from the very first time you connect. Sophia will help you find the perfect spot to say your vows and have the most incredible adventure that encompasses who you are as a couple, and so much more. After helping countless couples plan their own unique, adventurous wedding, she strives to make your wedding day as unique as your relationship.


Sophia’s mission is to be much more than just a photographer before, during and after your wedding day.  Her focus is to become your friend first and your photographer second, putting your needs and visions before her own. Sophia’s attention to detail is second to none and is a photographer who looks for moments to capture to remind couples what their wedding day was all about.


Having been a photographer for a decade, she’s just recently made the move to full time. During the pandemic Sophia was on mat leave and it provided her with the opportunity to lean into what brings her joy: her family, friends, and photography. With the support of her husband, she made the decision to move into fulltime photography and never looked back.


The best part of Sophia’s workday is when she has her camera in hand making moments stay still in time. She loves everything from the moment she receives a wedding inquiry to the last moment she sees you before heading home, every part of a wedding day is everything she loves to be a part of.


Sophia is there to capture the story of your wedding day through the lens of a camera, to be there to capture all your big moments from you seeing your love for the first time whether it’s during your first look or coming down the aisle. To the small moments like all the hugs and kisses your grandparents give you and all the tears from your wedding guests or all hours you've spent designing or making all your wedding decorations. She’ll be that person to capture it all because she cares about going over and beyond to capture all of it for you.


“My photography business is unique because I care deeply about what my clients want, I care about the photos I take for them to hang on their wall and talk to other people about. Before their wedding day I spend as much time needed with the couple, whether it’s shooting an engagement session with them or talking on the phone with them to make them feel confident and not stressed about their wedding day with me by their side. During the day I’m there to fix dresses when they break and I’m there to crawl under decks to get a lost earring. I look forward to talking to them and getting to know them through phone calls and questionnaires leading up to the wedding day so that I know exactly what I need to be watching out for in that exact moment I need to. After their wedding day I care a lot about getting their sneak peaks out to them asap so that they have photos to post or print or look back on to get excited about and I do that despite how busy I am because that’s what I would want from my wedding photographer. I treat couples exactly the way I would want to be treated during one of the best moments in life.”

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