Tan on the Run is a luxury mobile spray tanning company established in 2005. We provide a safe, healthy alternative to UV tanning.  With our own signature solution formulated with natural organic ingredients for a flawless tan, leaving your skin feeling moisturized. We travel to your venue of choice, serving 40 locations across Canada, also in Egypt, Namibia and Puerto-Vallarta, Mexico. Featured on Dragons Den in 2009 and 2013.

We set the standard in the industry as the first company to offer mobile spray tanning in Canada. Our product is formulated under proposition 65 law ensuring the highest quality ingredients are used. To date we have applied over 400k tans with our signature solution. Our clients include Lady Gaga, Katie Beckinsale, Cheryl Hickey, Roxy Earle, and many more. We had the pleasure of tanning for the Royal Wedding in May 2019. We recently developed a formula called Invisitan with brides in mind. It is a clear solution that does not transfer or require any downtime.

As most brides wear white, a tan is usually one of the final touches in the beauty prep routine. More of a healthy glow over a "tan," just enough to make the dress pop. We have many weddings where we provide tans to the entire wedding party! 

Our tans are customizable so we can ensure uniformity for the wedding photos. Our product provides a sense of confidence, seeing the reaction when the client looks in the mirror makes my day. We take pride in offering the most natural looking tans.