The Pop-Up Event Company is a boutique wedding & event design firm with one goal, to make you the star of your own event.  We understand how important every detail is and how to bring it all together in a matter of days, or weeks.  Whatever your timeline, this team will Pop-Up and be ready when needed.


Your most memorable moments in life are spent with those you enjoy company with. At The Pop-Up Event Company, we get that your event needs to be authentic and reflect you and the celebration you are celebrating! We create effortless memory making gatherings. With us, your party is nearly planned, the only thing missing is you and your personal touch. Whether you are planning a dinner party, intimate wedding, or celebration of any or all kinds, we are here for you and you will be the star host.

Born from our passion for everything events, we live for the art of celebration. From planning to styling to executing, we have the expertise to create memorable events that begin from your ideas or we’re happy to share ours! Our team does everything from planning, executing, event décor and balloon design.  Whatever your event requires, they have the skills and know-how to bring it to life. 

So, you want to plan your party?  We offer packages to match your event needs, whether in your backyard or if you’re in need of one.  Our network of event professionals and local venues is expansive, and every package is customizable.  We can’t wait to chat with you to pull together a memorable event, perhaps one you haven’t even dreamed of!

We also host Pop-Up Elopement Days throughout the year where all you need to do is book a ceremony time, show up with your marriage license and get hitched!  To elope, use to mean taking off without anyone knowing about it to tie the knot.  To elope, nowadays, is more about you and your partner, with a small but important group of people witnessing your vows without the overwhelming to-do list.  One of the best parts of an elopement - it can be held almost anywhere, with as much or as little customizing as you wish.


Our Pop-Up Wedding Package is a dream come true to some.  It's the one where we take care of all the details and you show up dressed and ready to get hitched. 



1. Choose a venue

2. Get your marriage licence

3. Show up with your honey and your chosen tribe of up to 8 more guests (for now 😉)

4. Get hitched stress-free and in style 

5. Enjoy an intimate reception, photos and your Happily Ever After!


The Pop-Up Event Company is here to take the stress and worry out of re-thinking, re-planning, and re-organizing your wedding celebrations.  It’s time for you to get married, celebrate, have your wedding cake and eat it too.

We are Event Experience Experts, Memory Makers and Curators of Dream Events. Let’s plan, so you can party!


xo Amy & Amanda