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Courtney Urbanski, founder of Urban Hair Spa, is a licensed holistic cosmetologist offering both in-studio and freelance sessions. Courtney specializes in formal styling, blonde and balayage hair colour, and lived-in cuts and styles. As a holistic stylist, she also works with her clients when they are struggling with hair and skin issues. Courtney loves digging deeper to help clients find natural products and implement lifestyle regimens that will give them the best results inside and out! Afterall: Healthy Hair, Healthy You.

Courtney has always loved all things beauty and wellness and has been styling her friends’ hair since she was young. She also struggled with skin sensitives and autoimmune issues in the past, so she was naturally drawn to cosmetology. She loved learning different ways she could help people not only look their best but feel amazing as well.

Courtney has also made Urban Hair Spa green in every way! She only uses natural, eco-conscious products that are safe for not only my clients, but for the environment as well. This industry is notorious for using harsh chemicals, but Courtney always tries to create the lowest toxin atmosphere she can, using sustainable, biodegradable items whenever possible while still providing the best results!

Formal and wedding stylings hold a special place in Courtney’s heart, both for the idea of new love and a fresh beginning and the way it takes her back to her own wedding day. She loves the energy and excitement running through the people involved while everyone is getting ready, and that confident sparkle in the bride’s eye when she sees herself all done up and realizes her vision is coming together. Courtney knows she is so honoured to be a part of such a big moment in someone’s life.

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