Georgian Bay Wedding Spring Show


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Matters of Importance

•  Area rental fee includes your space. Options for other tables and linens are additional. If other specialty rentals are required, orders must be place no later than MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2022.

•  The space alotted for each vendor is 60sqft, 6ft depth, 10ft width to suit an 8ft table.  Minimum space available is 48sqft suitable for a 6ft or cruiser table priced /sq ft.

•  Area sharing is prohibited. Exhibitors may not sublet or apportion any part of the space allotted or represent any other types of marketing material from any other business other than the one listed on this contract. Professional signage and displays are a must.

•  Georgian Bay Wedding Society reserves the right to change area assignment at any time before and on the day of the event without notice.

•  A complimentary WiFi code will be provided to you.

•  Couples are encouraged to pre-register & purchase tickets in advance for the event. Registrant contact info will be shared with you at the culmination of the event in accordance with privacy regulations.

Wedding Show in a Box

Your show experience, amplified!  All show vendors may provide marketing material, gift, and/ or show special to be included in The Wedding Society, Wedding Show in a Box. This year we have 150 boxes to sell! All box inclusions must be provided by Thursday, April 30 and brought to Studio 74 in Collingwood no later than 8pm. Note, these boxes will be available for purchase for this show and until FALL 2022.