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Victoria Ciampichini is here for you. Think of her team at VC Events as your real-life pocket planner, working behind the scenes to ensure all the little details are taken care of so you can actually enjoy the event you’re hosting along with your guests. VC Events’ versatile client services range from highly-detailed, intimate events such as elopements, weekend getaways and studio events, to large-scale events like weddings, festivals and tented outdoor occasions. Victoria and her team are open to the needs and budgets of their clients and will help create a beautifully curated experience, regardless of what you dream of.


VC Events is especially known for designing and building custom wedding and event arch rentals, as well as floral designs and installations.


Victoria has been planning events for several years, officially launching VC Events in 2020 with the end goal of owning or building her own wedding and event venue! VC Events background is diverse, and just like the unique of their clients, Victoria and her team prefer not to do things in a traditional way. Instead, they want to do so in a way that celebrates and speaks to the needs and personalities of their clients. VC Events is about collaboration over competition.

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