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Georgian Bay Wedding Show


Plan your wedding in the Comfort of your Own Home
Over $3000 in Gifts and Vendor Booking Incentives for only

$30 + hst
A portion of each box price is donated to Local Charities

If You've Never Planned a Wedding Before,

Then You're in for a Marvelous Surprise

Most people planning their wedding end up with anxiety and stress from the entire process – but those who succeed in enjoying every moment are doing something a little different…

If you’re like most engaged couples, then you’re probably thinking, “how hard can this be?”.  You’ve been to weddings before and have a pretty good understanding of what needs to happen to plan yours.  There are some great ‘wedding planning’ books out there and google can be pretty handy in your search for your vendors.


That’s definitely going to help put the pieces of the wedding planning together. It's a base foundation on getting the ball rolling.


But there’s one huge, looming problem…


How do you know you’re getting the best advice?  Are the vendor reviews accurate on google?  Are these vendors local? How much will I be paying on transportation? How can you tell if all the wedding professionals you’ve hired are going to work well together? The time alone that you spend on working out all these details can be all consuming, nerve racking and stress inducing. 


You know what I’m talking, about right?


Not knowing what you don’t know sets the stage for the feeling of desperation in booking a vendor from google or a friend’s referral just because they’re available to ease the stress of doing the research.  You’re investing your hard-earned dollars to put this incredible celebration together!  Finding vendors can be tricky and ensuring YOU connect with them and align with their services is the number 1 goal. 


It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and scrap all you’re the plans for your dream wedding day.


But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…


Instead of doing this the hard way, imagine if you were able to plan your wedding with ease, joy and a way that saves you time and money.  Would that interest you?


A resounding YES?! 

Then you need to check out the

Wedding Show in a Box

Here Are 4 Good Reasons Why
the Wedding Show in a Box Is The Best Way to Plan Your Wedding.

Reason 1: Unpack LOADS gifts, discounts and booking incentives worth over $3K from wedding professionals from the Georgian Bay Wedding Society in the comfort of your own home.

Reason 2: These professionals are here because of YOU.  They want to work with you and support you through the planning process. 


Reason 3: Booking vendors that are a part of a professional community, you know they take their services seriously, which means they’ll be THERE for you and provide the services as promised.


Reason 4: It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married in 2023, 2024 and beyond, it’s not too late to order your box!  Many gifts are no purchase required.  You need a vendor and our wedding professionals are here to help fill this need.

200822-0329Little_buds_and_posies - GeorgianBayWedding - GreyBruceFlorist.jpg

Wedding Show in a Box

The Surefire Way to get your dream wedding planned with zero stress, having loads of fun and getting it done efficiently!

Planning your wedding in the old, inefficient way is costly and stressful.  Start planning with ease by ordering your Wedding Show in a Box.

The Wedding Show in a Box gives you everything you need to kick start your wedding planning or help put the final touches on your plans!


So, you’re liking what you see. You know planning a wedding with the Georgian Bay Wedding Society just make everything more fun. 


Submerge yourself into the wonderful world of wedding planning!

Order your Wedding Show in a Box now for only $35+hst.

P.S. We can hardly wait to meet you.


Xo Georgian Bay Wedding Society

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Order Your
Wedding Show in a Box

Plan your wedding in the Comfort of your Own Home
Over $3000 in Gifts and Vendor Booking Incentives for only

$30+ hst
A portion of each box price is donated to Local Charities
Who's in the Box?

Alpine Ski Club,  Amanda Jerome Events, Bea & Co., The Pop-Up Event Company, Captured by Kirsten, Jenn Duff Officiating, I'm Your Wedding Guy, Celebrations by Anne Lemon, Coates Photography, SophistiCakes, Makeup By Lee, Kreative Co., Collingwood Flowers, Markdale Flowers,Frances Morency Photography, Peasemarsh Farms Catering, Happenings Party Rentals, Georgian Hills Vineyards, Remedy Medica, Beaver Brook Events, Yeslove, Roadrunner Foods, Men with Knives Catering, Urban Hair Spa, and more!
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