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  • Yeslove Kirsty
  • Yeslove Kirsty

Yeslove is Kirsty Stevenson, Wedding Officiant, specializing in creative, lighthearted wedding ceremonies. Her custom ceremonies strike the right balance between celebration and tradition and feature a “love story” – how the couple arrived at their wedding day. Rather than formalities, Kirsty’s ceremonies are the most joy-filled and entertaining part of the entire wedding day. Her extensive public speaking experience combined with her deep spiritual commitment and love of life to bring a fresh, delightful texture to all ceremonies. Her mission as a Wedding Officiant is to conduct ceremonies that are engaging, interesting, authentic, and moving. She promises she will never conduct a boring ceremony!


Kirsty has been an entrepreneur for her entire business career spanning over 4 decades. She has recently become a licensed Wedding Officiant and has undertaken many hours of training to ensure couples receive a well-planned, creative and engaging ceremony.


The story of how Kirsty started Yeslove is as unique as she is. She was at a meditation retreat and, quite simply, it came to her that she was to become a licensed wedding officiant. She has had a deep spiritual practice since the 1990’s and felt it was time to move her life in a different direction. Instead of focusing on the small business world, which she had been doing for a decade, it was time to make her vocation of helping others, into her occupation as a wedding officiant. She spent the next 6 months getting ordained, becoming certified with the Unboring Wedding Academy, and establishing connections within the wedding world.


What makes Kirsty’s business unique is Kirsty herself. She’s a great listener and makes sure couples get exactly what they want out of their ceremony. She’s a dynamic speaker and captivates friends and family from the moment they arrive until the married couple walk back down the aisle. Finally, and most importantly, she’s a creative and accomplished writer and incorporates a “love story” into each ceremony. The love story tells the tale, in an engaging, personal, and often funny way, of how the couple came to be married making each wedding ceremony unforgettable.


Kirsty’s favourite part of each workday is getting to "work" with love, hence the company name, Yeslove. Everything derives from love, from the initial meeting with couples to planning their ceremony, writing their Love Story, and, finally, to conducting their Love Story Wedding. It’s all about love. Kirsty’s cherishes that special moment when couples look deeply into each other’s eyes and fully embrace their future together. She loves the look on their faces as they hear their Love Story, told during the ceremony for the first time, and how their friends and family laugh, sometimes cry, but always celebrate each moment of the ceremony with them.

It’s the couple's special day however they choose to celebrate. Whether it’s a larger scale Love Story Wedding, an intimate wedding with a few close friends and family, or a simple signing of paperwork before leaving for a “destination wedding”, Kirsty can officate.

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